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About the Tolla Inbar

The bronze cast sculptures of Tolla have became known far and wide for their ability to convey human emotion, the meaning of life and how we fit into the complexity of the universe. Her sculptures seem to speak to the desires of each an every one of us, addressing the challenges we face, our relationships, our ambitions, and how it all comes together to push us forward. It is her ability to connect her sculptures with the human condition that has led her to be one of the most prominent bronze sculptors in the world.

Tolla was born in Germany in 1958. It was here while attending school in Stuttgart that she was first introduced to the world of art and sculpture. She studied here focusing on ceramics and sculpture until 1971. In 1971 she and her family immigrated to Israel. It would be here that she would continue her love of sculpture at Bustan Institute.

In 1977 she took her first course on sculpture at Bustan Institute. She quickly began progressing as an artist by working with renown Russian sculptures, holding her first group exhibition at Bet Hagdudim, Avihail. She continued her studies at Anvi Institute of Arts and studied a wide range of subjects including sculpture, photography, drawing, and graphics.

She also went on to study at Tel Aviv University where she received her B.A. in psychology and sociology, which she has said was a great influence on her sculptures. At this time, she also opened her own gallery to display her sculptures in Udim.

Tolla Inbar Sculpture Styles

Tolla's sculptures are composed using an ancient bronze casting method. Her sculptures are loosely based on the style of statuary sculpture that was popular during Greek and Roman times, as well as the renaissance period. Her sculptures are primarily made with bronze but utilize other metals and wood to give the sculptures a feeling of energy over material that she tries to capture in all of her sculptures.

The inspiration of her figurative sculptures

One of her biggest inspirations is that the soul of the individual and the energy of that soul throughout life, and how it relates to the reasons for living and the complexity of the universe. She believes that each person is on an individual path to reach their own personal spiritual goal that the soul needs for reincarnation. She looks at the soul as a reflection of the universe driving us towards fulfillment and is always moving forward.”

Due to this, she tries to incorporate the movement of the human body into each one of her sculptures. As seen in The Walking Spiral. Here a series of figures are seen "walking" in a spiral towards the center, which is symbolic of her idea that the soul continues to move forward to get to its spiritual goal.

Many of her sculptures also seem to defy the laws of nature, which is another theme that she tries to bring out in each one of her sculptures. The idea that energy triumphs over matter. That the human soul can push through even the most impossible of situations to achieve that which it is longing for.

For example, in her sculpture "Achievement" a figure is seen climbing a series of ladders that seem to be supported by nothing. This piece embodies that the drive and ambition of the figure can be accomplished no matter how unrealistic the objective may seem.

She also tries to emulate the way that two souls work together to build each other up throughout life. She points to the division of roles and how when two souls are joined they are each moving forward while supporting the other.  This is shown in many of her sculptures through the seemingly impossible action being achieved by the collective. As seen in Mutual Enabling. Our souls chase collaboration, ambition, achievement, and fulfillment together.

Popular works and exhibitions

Tolla Inbar's sculpture can be seen throughout the world. She has works located in the Museum of Liberty in Philadelphia, President Bill Clinton's Private art collection and the world renown sculpture collection of Leonard Wien. Her work is also displayed in many private collections throughout Germany, France, Israel, and the United States.

Tolla Inbar Sculptures for Sale

Tolla's bronze sculptures have become desired by private collectors far and wide. These sculptures can be hard to come by and can be difficult to get back to your collection once you find one that you like. At Dolphin Galleries, you can shop a full collection of her sculptures and have a sculpture delivered straight to your door. All of our sculptures come with a verification of authenticity and a return policy that allows you to try the art and return it if it does not work for your collection. Buying art has never been easier than with Dolphin Galleries.