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Plumeria Pendants For The Charming & Graceful You

The extensive line of graceful Plumeria pendants from Dolphin Galleries is inspired by the exotic plumerias - the tropical flowers of Hawaii found blossoming on every island. The stunning pieces in this collection evoke thoughts of the amazing fragrance of these charming flowers along with memories of Paradise that last for a lifetime.

Plumeria, or frangipani, as it is widely known, is one of the most pleasant flowers. Women truly adore this flower, using it to embellish their bodies, especially in the Hawaiian culture. The plumeria pendants collection at Dolphin Galleries is a true reflection of the Hawaiian tradition of using plumeria flowers.

So, if you want to express your love through this exotic flower, buy plumeria pendants online.

The Significance of Plumeria Pendants

The Plumeria flower is symbolic of the islands. One of the most naturally fragrant and simple flowers, plumeria is a "flower of welcome”. It always blossoms in a wide array of colors as diverse and marvelous as the island people.

Plumeria flowers, and thus our plumeria-inspired pendants have several meanings and symbolism associated with them.

In Hawaii, the flower represents new beginnings. That’s why visitors to the island are greeted with plumeria necklaces or plumeria garlands. So, if you want to start something new or manifest a novel idea, a plumeria pendant is what you need.

It is believed that the five petals of plumeria have special meaning: faith, love, devotion, honor, and serenity. These tropical flowers truly justify these meanings in the true sense.

What’s more? If you find a plumeria with six petals, you will have good luck too!

Because of its significance, plumeria-inspired jewelry is in trend. Many top Jewelry designers worldwide like Denny Wong use this beautiful and symbolic flower in their designs. And it’s not just plumeria pendants, many different types of plumeria-inspired jewelry is available in the market, including plumeria earrings, plumeria necklaces, bangles, and even bracelets.

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Beautiful plumeria-inspired pendants are ideal for women who like simple and subtle designs. If you love 'minimalistic looks', a plumeria pendant is the perfect fit for you. You’ll find a flawless match for your personality in our wide range of plumeria pendants.

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