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Spinner Ring: Begin this New Year with a Calmer Mind

Spinner rings are a unique type of jewelry that brings motion into every ring. That’s why it is also termed a motion ringThe spinning ads an extra degree of sparkle and shine.

In modern times that we live in, you can find them in endless design possibilities, so much so that they can quickly turn a lot of heads in your direction. At Dolphin Galleries, you will find exquisite spinner rings to fit your budget.

What is a spinner ring?

First, visualize any regular finger ring. Next, imagine one or more smaller rings manually rotating on the stable outer ring that wraps around your finger. Furthermore, see yourself spinning those inner pieces in a repeated motion. There, you have what is commonly known as a Spinner Ring. The mechanism almost resembles a fidget spinner, but this one you can continuously wear and blend with your attire.

A thing of ancient history, today this gizmo has risen to become one of the coolest accessories to wear wherever you go. The power of such gadgets are not found in magic but is felt only through consistent yet, unnoticed practice.

Flat edge bands are the most common kind where the parts that spin are invisible till you begin to spin them. However, they do not sync with your outfit all the time. Dolphin Galleries' jewellers bring you some of the finest spinner ring designs to choose from.

Roots in History

Have you ever wondered how and why these jewelry pieces became a part of the latest fashion trends that the world is seeing today?

To know this, you need to turn back the pages to the ancient Buddhism era. The root of the spinner, aka meditation rings, dates back to the use of Tibetan spinning wheels. At that time and even today, Buddhist monks use the rotational metal cylinders in their prayer practices.

While reciting prayers, the monks spin these wheels, which have sacred texts engraved on them at the outer surface. Spinning these wheels, as and when the sacred prayers are recited, eliminates the bad karma from the environment and brings back good karma. They also believe that this practice helps bring peace to mind.

When do you use the spinner ring?

Most of us fall in the trap of 'what was' and 'what could be'. Meditation helps, but often, you need something to help you be better at it. In a situation where life seems like a roller coaster ride and every second of that ride hugely impacts your thoughts and moves, you need to pause and breathe.

Sometimes, we do not even realize that we are stressing out and when we do feel all that negative energy around us, we struggle to find ways to release some of the tension.

A worry ring is a perfect and fashionable fit for times like these.

The works- Who knew fidgeting could have calming results?

We've previously talked about these rings showing their power through consistent practice but one that usually goes unnoticed even by the practitioner or wearer. Does that not bring a question to your mind as to how that is even possible?

Let's not kid ourselves; we won't always find a fidget spinner or a stress ball lying around here and there in times of need. Thus, wearing a turning ring can solve half the problem of finding the much-needed distraction.

No matter the reason, it can help you acknowledge that you are fidgety or stressed at the present moment. The acknowledgment itself can relieve a lot of tension in the process.

Next, we come to the actual point of it. Rather than clicking your pen or biting your fingernails, these utility jewelry come in handy when you need to shift focus from your worries. You can push away most of the unhealthy habits that you usually take shelter in during a panic attack of sorts.

These rings can also be called fiddle rings because they were specially designed for that. Spin the ring whenever you feel tensed or utterly anxious. Keep doing it for a while consciously and see the excellent results for yourself.

The fun part of this gizmo cum jewelry is that its use is not restricted by time. It means that you can practically roll this fidget object when necessary or even playfully at any time of the day.

Can you meditate with it?

The answer to that would be a definite Yes. As mentioned earlier, this piece of ornament hails from the concept of ancient Tibetan ancient wheel prayer. Wear your Gold Spinner Ring and keep spinning them in a repetitive circular motion to ease your soul and bring your mind to rest. You can also think of a happy memory or something pleasant while you do, so as to receive the best results out of your time meditating.

Many studies have shown that playing with a spinner ring in continuous motion can effectively clear your mind from your negative thoughts and give you calming results. The very focus on spinning the ring fades all your worries away.

Introduce elegance and fun to your fashion statement

At Dolphin Galleries, our jewelers pay extra attention to details. You can surely notice that when you see our Diamond Spinner Ring collection. You no longer need to stick to a plain old metal band when picturing a spinner ring. Each of our designs is unique and will be sure-shot head turners once you wear them.

Owing to its popularity, many people pick these rings for their big day (wedding). Another reason for this design being used in wedding bands these days is its ability to draw positive energy and good karma to the wearer. You will find them at our local store in 14K and 18K yellow gold, white gold & dual-tone. They come in varied price ranges.

Our artisans will help you pick the best of the lot for your beloved, one that will speak to her. Most of the turning rings in our collection are studded with diamonds or precious gems and stones.

You can also visit our website to get yourself a stylish fidget object that can brighten up your life and also add some more bling to your wardrobe.

The worry rings might just transcend from being a cool and trending fashion accessory to a passage for you to enter a life of mindfulness both mentally and physically.