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Plumeria Ring

Plumeria rings are joyous symbols of one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. Home to many islands including the Hawaiian islands, the plumeria has been used in many different cultural ceremonies for generations. In Hawaiian culture, if the plumeria flower is placed on a woman's right ear she is taken, if the plumeria is placed on the left ear it means she is available. 

Our plumeria rings come in 14k gold with diamonds. We carry yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold rings with white and blue diamonds. Some of our rings have a sandblasted flower surface.

The plumeria ring is wonderful for anyone's jewelry collection. Looks as beautiful as the flower itself with this wonderful ring. Mahalo.

What is a Plumeria Ring?

Do you know about the most sought-after trends in rings? Plumeria rings are one of the latest fashion trends that have taken the jewelry market by storm. The design of this eye-catching ring is composed of a plumeria flower with five petals surrounding a circle. It is a stylish accessory for feminine women who may not be accustomed to wearing a ring.

And, if you are getting married sometime soon, these innovative Plumeria rings can prove to be the perfect choice for brides who want their engagement rings to be as blooming as their relationships. 

In this article, we will unfold the uniqueness of this ring and how it can prove to be a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Rings we often see are either composed of a shank with a head section. The head section of the ring is usually composed of a gem in different shapes. Plumeria ring is a bit different. As the name implies, the design of the ring is inspired by Plumeria. It is an exotic tropical flower that is often used to make leis in Hawaii. It always looks beautiful in an array of floral and metallic colors as diverse as real flowers.  

How is Plumeria Ring Different from Traditional Rings?

Traditional rings are either headless or consist of a gem in different shapes. Whereas, a floral pattern in any jewelry adds a different dimension to it. Plumeria ring is one among those rings that offer a unique look. Plumeria rings come in so many combinations that you may get confused, which one to select. It can be composed of different types of metals or a blend of different colors. These floral patterns are embodied in a ring in different ways, i.e., it could only be placed at the head area or the whole shank area. For instance, you can have a Plumeria ring with three flowers cast in three metals, i.e., yellow gold, white gold, and white gold. This multicolored floral design ring can prove to be an excellent gift for the women in your life. 

And, if you love diamonds, then nothing looks better than a Plumeria diamond ring. For instance, your ring may be composed of a fine 14K yellow gold Plumeria flower around a glittery .05ct diamond. Moreover, the ring could be given a sandblasted finish with high polished edge areas. Combinations are many; it all depends on what you like. You can either get your desired Plumeria ring from an online source or ask a jeweler to make a customized ring for you. 


If you are fond of floral patterns, then the plumeria ring is for you. It comes in uncountable designs, colors, and metal combinations to match your taste. One thing is for sure when you wear a blooming piece of Plumeria in the form of a ring; you carry with you the spirit of Hawaii everywhere you go. 

So, choose your Plumeria ring in white, yellow, or rose gold, in a glossy finish with a little diamond bulb glowing at the center with Dolphin Galleries