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Hawaiian Bracelet: Reinventions of a Traditional Keepsake

Dating back to the Victorian Period, the tradition of Hawaii-themed jewelry has become a rich part of the state's history and culture, one that has evolved with time. The Hawaiian princess Lili'uokalani was spellbound by the bracelet given to her by Queen Victoria. So much so that she brought the style back home and started the unique tradition of "A Lasting Remembrance" in Hawaii, which has grown in popularity over the years.

Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry has seen many transitions over the ages to develop into the exquisite jewelry currently on offer.

The jewelry industry has embraced many motifs from our natural surroundings, including them in intricate designs to create timeless gifts passed from one generation to the next. Dolphin Galleries offers you some of these grand Hawaiian Gold Bracelets at affordable prices.

Evolving Designs Reflect the Local Flora & Fauna:

One of the simplest ways to dive into the diverse Hawaiian culture is to understand their jewelry.

Hawaiian bracelet designs have come a long way since their inception. Today, local exotic motifs like leaves and flowers have seamlessly blended with the traditional keepsake styles of enamel and Old English engravings.

Travelers and niche admirers treasure these Hawaiin jewelry pieces, where elements of nature and tradition predominate. The beautiful flora, fauna, and landscapes of this magical island have long inspired our artisans, who carve each piece of jewelry to honor Hawaiian culture.

You will find jewelry pieces like pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces that contain exotic flowers, tortoises, island shapes, fish hooks, dolphins, and other alluring themes.

An Abundance of Hawaiin-Themed Jewelry:

Much like Queen Liliu'okalani's first bracelet, many are surprised to discover that Plumeria flowers are not native to this idyllic island. Though they grow here in abundance and have gradually become one of the most symbolic and cherished motifs frequently used in our Hawaiian bracelet designs.

The best quality aspect of Hawaiian-themed jewelry is that it manifests the soul of this paradisiacal island. It brings along vibrant colors and the warm spirit of aloha (breath). Every piece would make a beautiful and precious gift or even a personal accessory.

As each symbol has its energy, so do Hawaiian gold bracelets with plumeria-like designs. These flowers and the name Hawaii are almost synonymous.

Plumeria thrived in the island climate producing new bloom varieties over the years, and as the blooms evolved, so did the jewelry. Plumeria bracelets are ornaments that make for exquisite gifts for various occasions. They symbolize beauty, charm, grace, and creation or new beginnings. They are precious possessions to be cherished for a lifetime and translate into beautiful heirlooms for generations to come.

Take a Bit of Hawaii Back With You:

Are you looking for an exclusive collection of traditional Hawaiian bracelets? Stepping into the local Dolphin Galleries jewelry shop is a treat you won’t forget. The wide range of Hawaiian-style bracelets and other jewelry pieces make beautiful memoirs and souvenirs that you can take home.

The exquisite collections contain essential accessories that you’ll want to add to your jewelry box. Whether it’s for you or for someone special, you’ll find what you’re looking for amongst our designer Hawaiian bracelets. 

As for style and intricacy, the local jewelers outdo themselves with each piece of jewelry. Our jewelry gallery showcases some of the most simplistic and earthy yet intricately designed Hawaiian flower bracelets.

Whether you want Hawaiian silver bracelets or Hawaiian gold bracelets, we’ve got you covered. These elegant pieces offer a new expression of traditional Hawaiian keepsakes, which come in dual-tone and white and yellow gold.

Witness the harmony of colored gold and precious stones with Mother Nature's elements in all the hand-crafted ornaments at Dolphin Galleries. The people of Hawaii seem to share a unique bond with the mystical island, which is visibly reflected in the aesthetic creations of the local jewelers and the wearer.

Mark the Start of a New Journey With a Precious Gift:

Renowned artist Denny Wong designs our soulful Frangipani lei bracelets. You can also find more of his newer collection of Hawaiian bracelets on our website. When you wear his jewelry pieces, whether, from his plumeria collection or his other custom designs in necklaces, earrings, or rings, you are guaranteed to carry the soul and Magnifique of the Hawaiian Islands wherever you go.

Our designs continue the legacy as the lasting remembrance of the first traditional Hawaiian bracelet, "Hoomanao Mau." Pick from any of our beautiful jewelry collections; take a part of Hawaii back with you as a memory of the start of a new beginning, and make it one of your most cherished keepsakes.

Every piece in our collection has a unique story and is available at a fair price. We also offer easy payment and shipping methods.