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About Teufel

Norman Teufel Jewelry is one of the finest jewelry lines best known for its artistically crafted spinner jewelry. Designed by a renowned jeweler Norman Teufel, who was also the creator and founder of Teufel Inc, his first original Swinger Ring was developed in 1971. Since its inception, his swinger rings have grabbed the attention of many jewelry lovers. 

Teufel started manufacturing these iconic rings in Beverly Hills, California where he used stainless steel ball as his medium to craft fine jewelry. The spinner ring quickly became popular and widely sought after by jewelry collectors because of the originality. 

In 1975, Teufel received his first DeBeers Diamonds International Award and went on to earn four more “diamonds today” awards throughout the next decade. 

As Teufel’s jewelry business continued to grow his son, Cameron, at the age of 14 began apprenticing for his father. He worked closely with his father to learn the trade and craft that allowed his father to build his company. After several years of learning the trade, Cameron became a jewelry designer like his father and helped grow Teufel Jewelry by engineering, designing and manufacturing the iconic Teufel motion rings. 

Today Teufel is considered the original pioneer of motion and swinger rings. The unique designs of the rings are a beautiful combination of uncompromising quality along with precision engineering that has led Teufel Inc to be known worldwide. 

Teufel Inc remains a family-owned business to this day run by Norman and Cameron Teufel. They work closely with a loyal team of talented employees who work as designers and engineers that help to manufacture their motion jewelry. 

Their commitment to the high-quality material along with industry-leading technology and craftsmanship, the motion rings have become a masterpiece that anyone would enjoy wearing for future generations to come. 

What makes the Motion Ring so Special?

Unlike any other ring, the Teufel motion ring is a “living" piece of art. Designed by the father and son duo, the rings use stainless steel shafts and ball bearings to create a ring that not only moves and rotates to show off the precious stones on the ring in a new way. 

The motion rings are made with a variety of different metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and sterling silver. They are also fitted with a variety of stones such as diamonds and sapphires. 

The designs for the Teufel spinner rings and jewelry stem from many different parts of life and has some of its designs stemming from the Tibetan Prayer Wheel, these rings provide many symbolic meanings such as: 

• Bringing good luck and fortune 
• Increasing good karma 
• Providing serenity and peace 
• Becoming present in the moment 
• Purifying negative thoughts 

No ring compares to the Teufel motion ring. It is sure to be the centerpiece of your wardrobe and spark a conversation any time it is worn. 

Different styles and collections

Teufel motion and spinning jewelry come in many different styles and are a perfect addition to any woman’s collection. Some of the most popular styles are categorized in the moon collection, round styles, pyramid styles, nature styles and many more. You can be sure to find something that will fit your style among the many different and elegant spinning jewelry. 

Women’s Spinner Rings

The iconic motion ring was originally designed for women, which can be seen in the elegant designs and shapes that Norman Teufel based his original designs on. Today these same influences can be seen in every piece of jewelry that Teufel inc creates. From beautiful moon and star shapes, to hearts and other geometric shapes, these rings embody true beauty. 

While Teufel rings and jewelry are currently only made for women, the same beautiful rings can be outfitted into cufflinks, allowing them to be a wonderful addition to any suit or tux.

Wedding Rings

Teufel motion rings make an amazing wedding ring that will be sure to be treasured for years to come. Unlike any other wedding ring of its kind, these rings will continue to glimmer and shine just like your love. Coming in a wide range of designs featuring the diamond that symbolizes your love for one another, these rings are a great option for a unique wedding ring that is like nothing else.

Teufel Motion Pendants

Teufel also specializes in spinning pendants. These are available in a wide assortment of styles and designs. Some of our most popular styles being the double square, circle, and dolphin pendants. These pendants are made out of a wide array of materials such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver you will be sure to find something to create a beautiful and unique necklace. 

Teufel Motion Earrings

The Teufel motion earrings are another addition to the Teufel collection that you won't want to miss. The classy and unique designed earrings make are sure to make a statement and give the wearer a beautifully elegant look. Coming in a wide variety of styles the motion earrings will definitely stand out in anyone's jewelry collection.

Buying Teufel Jewelry

Teufel Inc. Is a brainchild of Normal Teufel and all the spinner rings made are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. All the jewelry made by the brand comes with 5 years of warranty. All the rings are made in the USA, ensuring quality and finesse. Teufel Inc. is the popular brand pioneer for the making of Swinger rings. It is serving thousands of jewelry lovers for 30 years and still going on.

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