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Art is a journey of perspective. Each style is unique to the creator and the beholder alike- all a conversation to be had over coffee, a glass of wine, gathered with friends. Art is the finishing touch in a home. It’s what makes each room come alive. It’s what says “Come in. Have a seat. Welcome to my home.” 1.Realism Realism is an art style known for its realistic appearance. At first glance, the subject is captured with space and depth to create a realistic perspective. Mona Lisa is a famous example of Realism, painted in the early 1500’s during...

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It is no coincidence that dolphin galleries chose the dolphin as a symbol for its fine art and jewelry gallery over 40 years ago. The dolphin is an incredibly intelligent and playful creature that resides in the tropical waters of the earth’s oceans. Anyone who has witnessed a dolphin in the wild can tell you that their movements throughout the water resemble more of a beautiful dance than swimming. Their graceful nature and playfulness with other dolphins create a sense of wonder in the mind. It is no surprise that so many artists have chosen the dolphin as the subject...

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