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Octopus Jewelry - A blend of modern fashion and age-old beliefs

Ever seen your friend wearing an Octopus wrapped around her neck or adorning her finger? Does it fascinate you or scare you? Whatever impact it had on you, Octopus Jewelry has been popular for centuries and widely used by men and women globally. These are available in a multitude of designs and materials in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, amulets, and earrings.

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Octopus Jewelry Meaning & Symbolism

Every piece of jewelry symbolizes something or has some significance, and our Octopus jewelry is no different. For some, it represents intelligence, concentration and willpower on the spiritual level, as the Octopus has an excellent nervous system. Further, because of its ability to get out of trouble, Octopus jewelry is also a symbol of luck.

In some cultures, Octopus has been linked with darkness and evil. When an Octopus senses a threat, it secretes ink-cloud, turning the water into impassable darkness. That is why sailors often wear Octopus jewelry and amulets. They believe the Octopus will protect them from any danger or evil eye.

Modern beliefs about Octopus jewelry revolve around time spirals and cyclicity. Hence, in present times, Octopus jewelry symbolizes longevity and eternity.

Some other symbolism of Octopus jewelry includes adaptability, regeneration, flexibility and courage.

Octopus Jewelry For Men

One similarity between men and the Octopus is their independence. Ever seen an Octopus living in packs? Hence, men who are reserved and secretive express their independence by wearing Octopus rings.

Since this eight-tentacle creature also symbolizes courage, men often prefer wearing Octopus jewelry to express their strength, willpower and boldness.

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Octopus Jewelry For Women

If you see a woman wearing sterling silver octopus jewelry or silver octopus jewelry, consider her strong, confident, and independent. Besides, Octopus jewelry for women also symbolizes motherhood. Wondering? You’d be surprised to know that a female octopus can lay up to 150 thousand eggs in her lifetime.

Women who have experienced or survived hardships in life can also wear Octopus jewelry to signify strength and regeneration.

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