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About Denny Wong

Denny Wong is an award-winning jewelry designer and artist and is best known for his use of vibrant colors and Hawaiian influences. These iconic characteristics can be seen in each piece of Denny Wong Jewelry. His attention to detail, design, and uniqueness have laid the path for his pieces to be recognized worldwide.

Wong found inspiration for his art and jewelry pieces from his Hawaiian surroundings. Although he was born in Hong Kong, he chose to call the island of Maui home in 1974 and found inspiration all around him. The flora, the sea life, the colors and the overall beauty of the island fueled his creativity. Working as an apprentice to refine his technique and skill, he dedicated his life to his craft and eventually worked his way up to master Jeweler.

In 1986, he joined the Hawaiian Jewelers association marking the start of his professional career as a jeweler, designer, and artist. He continued to refine his skills by returning to his home of Hong Kong to learn advanced techniques from other master jewelers, a practice which he continues to do to this day and can be seen in each piece of jewelry that he creates.

From his famous Plumeria collection that gained him world-renowned recognition to some of his newer collections such as the Deep Blue Treasure Collection, which is based on the sea life of Hawaii, every piece is symbolic of his love of the Hawaiian Islands.

Denny Wong's Jewelry & designs are a true testament to the beauty and spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. Whether it’s a piece from his famous plumeria collection or one of his many custom designed rings, earrings, pendants, or necklaces, you will be sure that you carry that same beauty and spirit with you wherever you go.

Plumeria Jewelry

One of the most popular contributions to the art and Jewelry world is Denny Wong' s Plumeria Collection. The Plumeria Flower is best known as the flower used in Hawaiian leis. The mere sight of its beautiful colors and strong fragrance remind people across the world of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. The Plumeria flower was introduced to the Island of Hawaii in the 1860s by a German botanist and thrived in the tropical climate and volcanic soils of Hawaii's Islands. Since its introduction, the Plumeria has become a staple of Hawaiian Culture. The flower represents positivity, charm, grace, new life and birth, new beginnings and creation, and beauty. It is traditionally used to represent the marital status of its wearer or in the creation of leis.

Due to the symbolism of the plumeria flower, it is no surprise that he chose it as the focal point for his most iconic collection. Wong has taken the beauty and vibrant colors of the flower and used them in his design and creation of his plumeria jewelry. The symbolic flower can be seen on a wide range of necklaces, rings, and earrings that Wong has designed and created himself.

Deep Blue Treasure Collection

Another one of Denny Wong's most popular collections is his Deep Blue Treasure Collection. Continuing with the inspiration of the Hawaiian Islands and their beaches, this collection takes inspiration from below the Hawaiian waves. Each piece of jewelry in this collection is based on the native sea life of the Hawaiian Islands. Some of the most popular pieces include designs of the octopus, dolphins, sea turtles, starfish, sand dollars, crabs, and seahorses.

The Hawaiian Seas are full of detail and life just like each piece of Jewelry from Denny Wong's Sea Life Collection. His expert craftsmanship is shown in each piece. His use of exotic metals and stones adds to the beauty of the sea life displayed in his work. Each one of these pieces will remind you of the beauty that swims below the waves of Maui.

Palm Jewelry

Another iconic symbol of the Hawaiian culture is the coconut palm tree. These trees can be seen all across the island of Maui, Kauai and the other Hawaiian Islands. They line the beaches that bring peace and relaxation to so many people and traverse the volcanic hills of the islands that provide the minerals the islands need to flourish. It is no surprise that Denny Wong chose this symbol for another one of his most popular collections.

Denny Wong’s Palm tree collection brings to life this iconic Hawaiian symbol. Using vibrant colors and exotic metals he has instilled the beauty of the palm tree in every earring, pendant, ring, and necklace. Nothing else will remind you of the warm Hawaiian breeze and the cool sand of the Hawaiian beaches more than a piece of jewelry from the palm collection.

Treasure Island Collection

The treasure island collection (a.k.a. The Hawaiian island collection) is a collection based on the islands that Wong calls home. Crafted with 24k gold inlays and turquoise these pieces embody the beauty of the islands from above.

From pendants and earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Wong has adapted this design into a wide range of pieces that will fit perfectly in anyone's collection.

Luxury Collection

Aside from Denny Wong’s signature collections some of his best work is shown in his custom luxury pieces. These pieces portray all of his expertise and talent as a true craftsman, jeweler, designer, and artist. Each piece is handmade with only the most precious stones and metals and has a unique design that is unlike anything else you will find on the Island of Maui.

Buying Denny Wong Jewelry

There is a wide range of retailers throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the US that carry Denny Wong’s signature pieces. At Dolphin Galleries we offer the widest range of products at the lowest prices. Shop conveniently from your home and rest easy with our refund and return policy. We guarantee that each piece is authentic and that there is no easier online shopping experience better than Dolphin Galleries for all your jewelry and art needs.