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Matt Bezak


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Matt Bezak


About Matt Bezak

Matt Bezak is a North American jewelry designer, skilled in the art of creating splendid works of art through a process called “lost wax glass casting.” This process is an ancient technique commonly used by Egyptians and also French jeweler, Rene Lalique, who contributed greatly to the Art Nouveau period. His work is heavily influenced by this period where the curved, wispy lines of nature, particularly flowers and plants are highlighted.  In glass casting, a highly intricate process using wax molds, a strict sequence is adhered to. It involves high heat at precise temperatures, molds, and the gentle decrease in temperature. After removal of the glass, a separate and methodical process of sanding and acid etching is applied, creating the matte or frosted effect.

You can find this method used in Bezak’s astonishing wave pendants glass jewelry. This breathtaking piece is a luminous turquoise blue, stunning, with a splashing crest, diamond or pearl optional. Each wave is intricately designed to capture light, creating an almost glowing effect. His art form is masterful and beaming with energy, as if the wind itself is pushing the wave to shore.

Bezak is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America where he instructed for five years. His diverse techniques studied include granulation, platinum fabrication, glass bead making, and glassblowing. He combines the use of precious metals such as gold, platinum and sterling silver with gemstones to the glass, creating inarguably visual stupendous works of sculptured jewelry. His collections are heavily influenced by nature, simplicity, and form. His use of vivid color and passion for detail is undeniable in pieces such as “fireflies rising at dusk.” In his wave pendant creation, he brings to life the ocean with a rhythmic pursuit of craftsmanship.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade in the USA and designed and created with careful attention to detail, true to Bezak’s expression of form, beauty, and function. His jewelry can be found in galleries throughout the US and the Virgin Islands.

Bezak has owned jewelry shops in California and now lives in North Ridgeville, Ohio. A sculptor on the horizon, he uses his delicate art to show an intrinsic appreciation for nature. Matt Bezak wave jewelry can be purchased online at Dolphin Galleries. His collection is extensive and will be a perfect conversation piece for anyone fortunate enough to wear his jewelry, nay, art.