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Turtle Engraving Titanium Ring Band
Turtle Engraving Titanium Ring Band

Hawaiian Titanium Rings

$258.75 $897.00

Gold Turtle Diamond Titanium Ring

Hawaiian Titanium Rings


Two Turtles Titanium Ring
Two Turtles Titanium Ring

Hawaiian Titanium Rings

$747.50 $897.00

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Do you admire sea turtles? Do you feel a strong connection with this sea creature? If so, explore your options for sea turtle jewelry and embrace this majestic creature and its powers in your life. 

Buy sea turtle jewelry to accessorize your look or as a gift for your loved ones, our unique sea turtle jewelry will make you fall in love. And the mystic powers this creature is known for will bring about a positive transformation in your life. Available in different types, sizes, colors, and materials, our sea turtle jewelry is worth it. 

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Sea Turtle Jewelry - Significance and Meaning

Every culture and individual sees animals in their own way. People interpret their actions, cast them in their legends, and use them to symbolize crucial ideas.

Sea turtles often appear in our dreams, and their meaning depends on how we understand them. 

Sea turtles are one of the animals that have endured for the longest time.  These gentle sea creatures have been alive for over 200 million years. A sea turtle is believed to symbolize wisdom, wealth, endurance, wealth, and long life. In Hawaiian culture, the word “honu” represent sea turtles and means long life. It is the only indigenous reptile to the islands and even represents good luck. 

In Chinese and Greek mythology, sea turtles are a common feature in ancient cave carvings. They also appear in Spanish, German, and Lithuanian coats of arms. But their most famous symbolic use is in North America. 

For Native Americans and Christians, sea turtles are considered a good luck symbol. Moreover, a tortoise is one of the four celestial creatures in feng shui besides dragon, tiger, and phoenix. 

Sea turtle hatchlings make their way from their nest to the ocean without being eaten by crabs, birds, and other predators. However, they are easy food for other oceanic animals until they grow bigger and stronger. Only 1 in 1,000 baby sea turtles are believed to survive to adulthood. Since adult sea turtles beat the odds, they make a wonderful symbol of luck.

Gifting sea turtle jewelry is considered lucky. Because of their long lifespan, these often symbolize endurance, patience, and good luck.

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Nothing could be better than gifting a good luck charm to your loved ones. And sea turtle jewelry is one such jewelry gifting idea. Be it a sea turtle necklace, earrings, rings, or pendant, sea turtle jewelry is a true good luck charm. 

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