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About the Artist

In 1995, brothers and jewelry designers, Michael and John Hezar, joined artistic forces and founded Michael John Jewelry, where nature meets inspiration and award-winning designs were born. With a background in jewelry design while in college at California State University, Michael Hezar took his passion one step further and founded Image Jewelry in 1990,  crafting jewelry masterpieces unique to his stunning vision and commitment to quality.

 John Hezar was a businessman as well with versatile experiences in clothing, food, and construction that later lead to the successful operation of Michael John Jewelry, where John serves as V.P. of Operations and Management.

In 2007, Arousa Asil joined the Michael John Jewelry team. As an expert in financing and a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Arousa oversees the finances and leads the marketing and development of the brand, as CFO & V.P of Marketing. This diverse and experienced trio has contributed to the company’s ever-growing success.

Michael Hezar credits his inspiration to “life, love, creativity” and people. He’s an adventurer, a spectator of all things unique and soulful with an art of perseverance to his call to perfection.

Michael John Jewelry boasts many prestigious design awards such as recognition as the Top Ten Designers in the “2010 Couture Show Design Award”, the “2011 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award”, “2012 Couture Show Design Award”  and in 2012 and 2014, received  the “Spectrum of Design Award.” Michael John Jewelry creations do not go without recognition for a good reason. They’re flawless, creative and unique with stunning detail and a dedication to the company’s motto- P.R.I.D.E. (proactive, respectable, inspiring, dependable, and ethical).

John Michael Jewelry has been worn on the Red Carpet by numerous celebrities such as Charlize Theron,  J-Lo, and Anne Heche.

 Some of John Michael Jewelry specialties include their cherished Pave Collection, winner of the “2011 Jewelers Choice Award” for innovation, quality, and workmanship. These pieces are sincerely breathtaking works of art, flawless and immaculately crafted. Among the collections are the timeless and romantic bridal sets “symbolizing the essence of beauty and marriage.”

As highlighted in Vogue Italia, 2014, the rose cut diamond, favored and skillfully crafted by Michael John Jewelry, are a preferred cut of diamond for those seeking a retro style of diamond, where triangular facets cut like the petals of a rose, create a romantic and glassy appearance.

Michael and John Hezar take pride in their work. It’s not just a business- it’s an art, a passion for the exquisite and a lifelong journey to dazzle, inspire and collaborate.