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Sand Dollar Jewelry

Looking for something trendy that also guides you on your spiritual journey? Sand dollar jewelry is your best bet. 

Fashionistas who strongly believe in the meanings behind different types of jewelry often show a deep fascination for sand dollar jewelry. In the last few years, we have experienced a sudden surge in demand for this unique jewelry. Our silver sand dollar jewelry is a popular choice for many customers. It’s no wonder—sand dollar jewelry enhances your look and can bring about a lot of changes in your life if you truly believe in its significance. 

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Sand Dollar Jewelry - Meaning & Significance

Sand dollars are the skeletons of flat sea urchins. They belong to the starfish and sea cucumber family. 

Sand dollars have a flat round shape like coins—hence the name. For this reason, they are also sometimes referred to as the “currency of the sea”. Ancient folklore considered sand dollars to be the coins used by mermaids. 

Sand dollars have different meanings in different countries. For instance, the five rounded shapes in the center of sand dollars resemble the pansy flowers popular in South Africa, so they are referred to as pansy shells. They are known as sea cookies or sea biscuits in New Zealand and Australia. 

So, why is sand dollar jewelry so popular among the masses, especially women? Because of its spiritual meaning. According to some legends and poems in Christianity, sand dollars symbolize the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. They believe that the five slits in sand dollars are Christ’s wounds when he was on the cross. 

If you break open the shell of a sand dollar, you will see five dove-shaped pieces. And as we all know, doves are a symbol of peace and goodwill. 

Since sand dollars live on hard surfaces and frequently change their positions, they symbolize strength. For many, they are a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Sand dollars also show the path toward building something in life. 

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