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Frogman Tim Cotterill


Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Blue Bayou

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Treasure Hunt

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Forget Me Not

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Small Fry

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


California Gold

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Off the Wall

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Taking Flight

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


The Diver

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


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Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Love Birds

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


The Hunt

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Lookin for Love

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Lily of the Valley

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Break's Over

Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill



Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Stags Leap

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Shakespeare (Light Face)

Frogman - Tim Cotterill


Tim Cotterill Frogs- A Unique Art by Frogman Sculptor

Tim Cotterill, also known as Frogman is a renowned sculptor who is known for his bronze frog collectibles. With his uncontrollable passion for tiny short-bodied creatures and their facial features, he loves to create their sculptures in different forms. Every feature of the frog sculpture is inspired by their faces, springy legs, antic nature, and webbed feet. He says that frogs are fun creatures, and with his sculptures, he tried to capture their spirit, joy, and fun. 

Bronze Frog Sculptures

Frogs symbolize many things like magic potions, charm, energy, good luck, and loyalty. Tim Cotterill, admirers and fans named him ‘frogman’ because all the bronze sculptures he made are inspired by frogs. Capturing the whimsical characters with jewel-like quality, he created these sculptures, keeping the pure joy of these little creatures into consideration. 

The significance of Frog Sculptures

For centuries, frogs symbolize many things like Magic potions, energy, charm, fertility, good luck, and royalty. In today’s fast pace word, life has become stressful and complicated but when it comes to Tim’s art, it is unique, stylish, elegant, and complete fun. Children are always curious to see frogs and so are adults. The way they jump make anyone laugh and excited. Their facial expressions and the way they move are unique in their way. Tim Cotterill has also used to observe frogs at his pond in England. How they all had their own characters, personality, and color. 

Tim Cotterill's Early Life

Born in Leicester, England, Tim in 1950, Tim Cotterill, left his school at the age of 15 to complete his 6-year engineering apprenticeship. He created metal sculptures of birds and animals along with radical wheeled vehicles intrigued with metalworking during the 70s and 80s. He became popular for his original gold, bronze and steel bird and animal sculptures. 

Moreover, his creations are part of many art collections all over the world. Tim moved to California in 1990 where he devoted himself solely to create his unique bronze sculptures. His work is now shown in fine art galleries all across the world. His shiny little frogs are seen in the English countryside where the starting of his fascination has led him to be known as the ‘Frogman.’ His bronze sculptures capture frogs so well that it captures the attention of anyone who sees them 

 Tim Cotterill frogs for sale

If you are looking to buy the whimsical frogs, there are many galleries that offer Tim Cotterill frogs for sale. His collection is available in a range of limited edition solid bronze sculptures. Each sculpture is finished individually, signed and numbered as the limited edition set across the world. In his collection, there are around 15 and 30 frogs. He starts off one inch by two inches, but they all go away up. There are many 3-foot frogs coming for the shows, but he has also made sculptures that are taller than 8 feet like a frog on a bamboo cane. Only 23 galleries in the country are licensed to sell his work. 

World-Renowned Sculptor - Frogman Tim Cotterill

The world is comprised of many talented artists and sculptors. One of the popular names on the list is - Tim Cotterill. Also known as ‘Frogman,’ this artist creates unique bronze frog sculptors to show the individual spirit, joy, and fun of these beautiful little creatures. For centuries, frogs symbolize- Energy, Charm, Fertility, Good luck, royalty, and Magic Potions. The obstinate passion for frogs and his love for their webbed feet, antic nature, faces, and springy legs, inspired him to create the colorful enameled bronze figurines. All the sculptures created by Frogman Tim Cotterill are popular all over the world. Even there are many celebrities who have snapped up his creations. His sculptures of Koi Fish, Geckos, and bronze frogs are the largest selling art pieces in the world. 

Frogman Artist- Tim Cotterill Journey

Born in 1950 in Leicester, England at the age of 15 Tim nurtured a great liaison in metalwork. He started a 6 years electrical engineering study, but later on, after completing his apprenticeship, he moved onto stone Mansory and landscape design/construction. During the ’70s and ’80s, he started creating sculptures of birds and animals. After many inspirational trips, he relocated to California in 1972 and decided to dedicate himself solely to his Bronze sculptures and since then Frogman artist came into being. 

Frogman Tim Cotterill also created limited edition bronze sculptures with colorful patinas that are unique in their own ways. He incorporates every possible contour and expressions of frogs in his colorful enameled bronze sculptures. 

Frogman Frogs: Review

Frogman Frogs depict the traits and personalities of humans. For instance, they are swimmers, dancers, prince charming, etc. Every frog is different from the other. The entire process of creating a bronze frog sculptures is precise and scrupulous. At first, Frogman creates a frog posing on a simple wireframe, then he gets car body fillers and starts putting it on and sanding it back until it takes its shape. After the sculpture becomes smooth, he sends it to his factory to be shaped in bronze and get properly finished with decorative components.  

The Evergrowing Collection of Frogman Sculptures

All the Frogman Sculptures by Tim Cotterill are limited editions. Once the edition is complete, the foundry dismantles the original mold. Because of Tim's popularity, all his sculptures sell out more at the speed of light. In 2006, Frogman achieved the biggest milestone of his sculptor career. His new creation ‘Tulip’ sold as soon as it releases. 

The process of retiring an edition enables him to focus on creating new pieces. After collectors acquire the sculptures, they will not be available again.

Frogman Biography 

Born in 1950 in Leicester, England, world-renowned bronze sculptor Frogman, Tim Cotterill, has been delighting people all over the world with energetic and whimsical frog sculptures since 1990, when he emigrated to California. Cotterill left school at the age of fifteen to complete a six-year engineering apprenticeship at the urging of his father. Hungry for more, with a passion too intense to be quieted, he gained his Degree of Engineering and left to work in the auto repair business and learned to weld. Cotterill was a natural engineer and budding artist, designing impressive radical wheeled vehicles and bronze sculptures. Cotterill started doing landscaping and stone masonry, which turned into a successful 15-year business. Cotterill became intrigued with metalworking and cleverly used scrap metal from junkyards to create unique and inspired animal sculptures in the 70’s and 80’s. His early work with metal represented childhood renditions of the owls of his childhood. He soon discovered, while passing through a local art show, metal sculptures that would inspire the inception of his very own artistic pursuit.

Frogman (Tim Cotterill) was engrossed in American motorcycle culture and due to the lack of motorcycle parts availability during that time, he created his own, functional motorcycles, with the guided inspiration from American Chopper magazine. His creative genius didn’t stop there.  Born out of his own endearing eccentricity and sense of humor coupled with the nostalgic upbringing in the English countryside, Cotterill reflectively states, “These were some of many wonderful experiences from my childhood that instilled in me a true love of nature.” He recalls memories of chasing frogs and a fascination with their whimsy and personalities and spending time in the countryside and forest with his sister, Angela. Cotterill brags of his intimacy with bird songs and the chorus of the frogs at night. He also credits his nurturing mother and posters of birds by his bed, that are intrinsically interwoven into each of his sculptures. Cotterill is a master sculptor and engineer with a passion for laughter, nature, and adventure.

Frogman Tim Cotterill began sculpting frogs in 1990 and selling them at a Beverly Hills Art show in a 10X10 ft tent. Surprised by the intrigued American crowd, married with the joy that it brought to create these, “Frogman” was birthed and the trajectory of his fame has not waned. Whimsical, delightful, colorful and detailed, Cotterill’s unique bronze frog sculptures are loved by collectors and art show passers-by alike. He describes the reaction to his work as  “uplifting and euphoric” which gave Frogman a newfound sense of joy and motivation. His studio is in Venice Beach, California where his original steel bronze and gold sculptures come to life. Cotterill’s frogs have a personality all their own- jumping, legs flailing, flying through the air, glossy eyes wild with excitement! It’s no surprise he’s the largest selling sculptor of small bronze in the world. Tim Cotterill’s unique bronze sculptures will make you smile. And that’s exactly what he envisions. "I believe the spirited nature that frogs represent brings fun and joy to people’s lives. And in turn, my life felt enriched by sharing this with others,” recalls Cotterill. His motivation is inspired by a connection to nature, past and present. Together, Cotterill and his mentor and friend John Jagger, created the largest  “puddled” sculpture in the world- an 18-foot ship’s mast and sails in Mission Viejo, using melted bronze rods and creating shapes.

Tim Cotterill captures living boldly in each piece. Each frog will emotionally captivate their owner with charming poses such as “Hug” and “Pond Pals.” Other collections include birds and fish, including recently released “Ferguson” collection and numbered bronzed frog paperweight. Cotterill’s collections can be found in galleries in the US, UK, Canada, and China. His collectible frogs are sleek and detailed, fluid and expressive. Cotterill is transparent about healing through his art- healing from depression, from a sense of imbalance and a loss of love and purpose. Perhaps this is why his sculptures are treasured, collected, and often rare. Each piece tells a story, emanates reflection, redemption and a true sense of joy. And Frogman Tim Cotterill isn’t going anywhere any time soon. His art and inspiration continue to evolve, as enthusiasts, past, present, and future, anxiously await his next release.

The Final Words

Today, Frogman Tim Cotterill has become the biggest bronze artist in the world because of his whimsical bronze frogs. With his unique frogman art, he has intrigued and captivates a diverse group of people. Tim Cotterill’s enthusiastic personality and artistic bronze sculptures create a quick connection with his followers and collectors. The community of his collectors waits for the new sculpture eagerly.