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Whale Tail Jewelry—Your Good Luck Charm

Do you feel a strong kinship with the magnificent whale? If yes, then whale tail jewelry may be for you! Both men and women have been wearing whale tail jewelry for a long time, for many different reasons. Even Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, wore a gold and diamond whale tail necklace during her first philanthropic outing in Canada. Maybe she wore it as a symbol of strength and good luck, which she needed the most on her trip.

If you feel a strong fascination for this magnificent mammal or consider it your spirit animal, buy whale tail jewelry online without a second thought!

Whale Tail Jewelry—Meaning & Symbolism

Whale jewelry is popular among men and women and symbolizes great things. You can find many people wearing whale tale necklaces, earrings, and even rings in different corners of the world.

The whale tail has different meanings in different cultures. For instance, it symbolizes strength for Maori—the natives of New Zealand. Since the tail of a whale has immense power and gives this mammal strength, the whale tail symbolizes brute power and strength.

Further, whales can navigate through the vast oceans with ease because of their tails. Also, the constant up and down movement of their tail helps them accelerate and catch their prey. That is why whale tail jewelry also represents speed and agility.

If you observe the tail of the whale closely, you will see the two lobes uniting to form its fluke, which is the most powerful asset of this mammal. Hence, a whale tail also symbolizes unity. Many people also see the whale tail as the unification of humans (the most powerful land animal) and this gigantic mammal (the most powerful water animal).

Maoris believe whales are their protectors and their good luck charms. They believe that the first Maori came to New Zealand on the back of a whale. He was safely delivered to his home by the whale, which is why he could prosper. In addition, whales in Maori cosmology are the descendants of Tangaroa—the lord of the oceans.

Other meanings of a whale tail include transformation, wisdom, communication, magnificence, and protection.

So, if you can relate to any of this symbolism, buy whale tail jewelry online today.

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It is undeniable that the whale tail holds different meanings for different cultures. That is why it has been a great inspiration for our jewelry designs. Check out our jewelry collection and pick the ones that resonate with you the most. We would be happy if our unique jewelry pieces became your cherished items for years to come.