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Vicente Romero - A Spanish Painter inspired by the tender beauty of women

Born in 1956 in Madrid, Spain, the popular painter Vicente Romero is the eldest of the four sons. Because of his father’s job, he grew up in many towns all over Spain. His family moved back to Madrid when he was just 15. During this childhood, Romero’s parents thought that he would become a painter as he was always found with a pencil and a notepad in his hands.

His Early Life

After knowing his passion for painting, Vicente decides to work as a nomad street portraitist. There he worked for many years. Although he owes his technique for oil pointing to his academic training, he has additionally explored pastel that he found more spontaneous and direct. Soon after he uses oil in his work and starts creating a manually enriching craft using both of these techniques.

Education and Challenges

Vicente Romero started studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, which is one of the renowned art schools in Spain, He studied there from 1922-1926. Then he completed his Bachelor’s degree in sculpture at Madrid’s Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1982.’ Soon after he realized that it was the only painting that could express his sensibility. Afterward, he spent many years working in the streets. He painted several pastel portraits in Mainland’s coastal village and the islands of Ibiza, Majorca, and Tenerife.

The Later Life of Vicente Romero

In the late eighties, Romero and his wife settled in Costa Brava. This is the birthplace region of Dali. This was the new beginning of his artistic life. His house with a patio along with his passion, skills and wonderful landscape makes it a perfect place for his artistic talent. He also succeeds in converting the intimate situation of life into a leitmotif of his art. In 2001, Romero moved to Madrid and spent time in the Costa Brava with one of the best aspects of his work.

His Inspiration

His inspiration is the tender beauty of women of all medium ages. He explores femininity through his unbelievable figurative paintings. Through his art, he converts beautiful young girls and women in intimate and natural environments such as bedrooms, sea, or garden into captivating canvas or artwork. He uses harmonious and soft color palettes along with a subtle dance of shadows and lights with oil and pastel that add a poetic yet romantic atmosphere of his painting.

His Achievements

Also known as a pastelist master Vicente Romero was invited as a special guest at various international pastel events in the Philippines, Turkey, and France. Apart from this, his work has also been displayed in many other countries like the US, China, Italy, Russia, Taiwan, and many others. In 2015, his artwork was published in ‘Pratique des Arts’ and available from the Bibliotheques de la Ville de Paris which is an official newsletter of the Pastel Society of Victoria. From 2002 to 2016, his art was seen in many solo exhibitions.

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