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Plumeria Bracelet

Plumeria Bracelet - Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry for Women

A beautiful jewelry piece adds to any woman’s beauty. Among the many options, one of the most worn and favorite jewelry pieces is the bracelet. A plumeria flower bracelet is one of the most popular bracelets today, desired by every woman. 

Plumeria bracelets  

A plumeria bracelet is not only the most comfortable piece of jewelry to wear, but it also adds glamour and panache to any outfit. This piece of jewelry is available in different styles and sizes, so choose a design to suit your taste and lifestyle.

The Hawaiian handmade jewelry industry has grown significantly over the past decade. From simple shell earrings to complex neckpieces and Plumeria bracelets, you will find a wide assortment of Hawaiian jewelry in our store. 

We have an extensive collection of  Plumeria flower bracelets in different metals, the most popular being gold and rose gold. These elegant pieces make the perfect gift for the special women in your life. Present them as gifts on occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. 

Where Does the Name ‘Plumeria’ Come From?

Plumeria is one of Hawaii’s most common flowers. The blooms symbolize warmth, lei of aloha, and new life. PIumeria has been a part of the Hawaiian lifestyle for years. For Hawaiians, the flower represents the bond between good and perfection. 

For many women, plumeria jewelry is the preferred choice. Plumeria bracelets come in different metals like silver, gold, and rose gold. Head to Dolphin Galleries and explore our collection of traditional Hawaiian bracelets

Factors to Consider when Buying Plumeria Bracelet

The internet is flooded with online stores selling Hawaiian jewelry. If you’re thinking of buying a gold or rose gold plumeria bracelet or bangle, there are several aspects to consider:

Wrist Size

The standard bracelet length for a woman’s wrist is 7 inches with a 2.5-inch diameter. Measure your wrist and buy longer or shorter bracelets for a comfortable fit. The correct size is one where the bracelet fits around your wrist without getting in the way or slipping off your hand. 

Bracelet Design

When it comes to buying a bracelet, you have a world of choice. Our range of designs include tennis designs, bangles, charms, and link bracelets. Regardless of the type of Hawaiian flower bracelet you choose, they are all super elegant and beautiful.  

Plumeria Bracelets in Gold and other Materials

Choose a dazzling plumeria bracelet in metals like gold or rose gold. A plumeria gold bracelet never goes off trend, but you should buy the metal that complements your skin tone.  

If you are a Hawaiian flower jewelry lover, take a peek at our wide assortment of jewelry pieces online. Undoubtedly, the craze for handmade Hawaiian jewelry is evident among the many designers and buyers of the pieces. All in all, Hawaii is not just an ideal destination for a wedding but also a famous jewelry hub.