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Plumeria Necklace

Feel The Tropical Vibes With Exquisite Plumeria Necklaces

Have you ever had a chance to wear a Hawaiian plumeria? No worries! You can experience the joy of adorning yourself like a Hawaiian with Plumeria Necklaces at Dolphin Galleries. 

There's nothing more awe-inspiring for Hawaiians than the beautiful plumeria flower. Whether it's the May Day celebration, greeting loved ones, or even graduation celebrations, the plumeria flower is everywhere. It seems that Hawaiian culture would be incomplete without this tropical flower. 

Inspired by the beauty and popularity of this island flower, Dolphin Galleries is proud to bring you our range of plumeria necklaces. These will remind you of what is so great about this beautiful island place. Our plumeria necklaces come in 14k gold with diamonds. We carry yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold necklaces with white and blue diamonds. Some of our necklaces also have a sand-blasted flower surface. Look as beautiful as the flower itself with this wonderful necklace. Mahalo.

These plumeria necklaces are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. Perfect for every occasion, our plumeria necklaces will complement any attire.

Plumeria Necklace Significance

Did you know there’s meaning to each of the jewelry motifs we design? At Dolphin Galleries, most of our jewelry collection is inspired by the life around us—nature, plants, animals, art, etc. 

The same goes for our plumeria necklaces! Plumeria necklaces are joyous symbols of one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. Making its home on many islands, including the Hawaiian islands, the plumeria has been used in various cultural ceremonies for generations. In Hawaiian culture, if the plumeria flower is placed on a woman's right ear, she is taken; if the plumeria is placed on the left ear, it means she is available. 

The plumeria flower symbolizes spring and new beginnings, love, and rebirth. It is considered an extremely positive symbol—no wonder it is highly adored. 

Buddhists consider the plumeria flower a symbol of immortality. This is because the plumeria tree blooms even if it is uprooted. Also, the tree is considered sacred, so it is planted outside every Buddhist temple in Laos. 

The plumeria flower is a symbol of beauty, grace, and charm. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for friends, family, and loved ones.

Buy Plumeria Necklaces At Dolphin Galleries

Whether buying for yourself or for gifting a loved one, our plumeria necklaces are simply perfect. Available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, our plumeria necklaces are worth each penny. 

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