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Hawaiian Necklace

Hawaiian Necklaces are a Great Gift and Symbol

Hawaiian necklaces are more than just a popular gift or souvenir. They symbolize Hawaiian culture and traditions. These necklaces are inspired by popular Hawaiian flowers, like plumeria and hibiscus, making great showpieces you can wear year-round.

The History of Hawaiian Necklaces

The hibiscus necklace has a long history of representing royalty and power. It was used in leis as early as 1820 for important individuals such as princesses or high chiefs. Today, it is widely known that this flower represents happiness and love for many people worldwide. 

If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, you’ll know the beautiful islands have warm sunshine and tropical flowers all year round too! The Hibiscus-styled Hawaiian necklaces are made of cubic zirconia crystals set along an open basket on your choice of a gold chain or black leather cord. 

The Hibiscus shell shape featured on these bracelets comes from authentic island shells. A tiny 5mm gold-plated Hawaiian star hangs from a head to give you a piece of the islands wherever you go!

These simple but beautiful flower Hawaiian pendants make it obvious why Hawaii is so special. You can capture that very same spirit with any one of our Hawaiian jewelry pieces made by local artisans. In addition to these products, we also have on offer other matching accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, or specialized customer orders. 

We have been an online source for 100% genuine Hawaii gold, Hawaii silver, Hawaii pearls, and Hawaiian shell jewelry since 1997. Why not visit us today?

The Real Story Behind Hawaiian Necklaces

We love Hawaii island because of its beautiful scenery, flowers, and so much more. We also have a passion for photography which only adds to our appreciation of the place we grew up in. The Hawaiian culture is another reason we love to live in Hawaii. One of the most popular symbols of this culture is the traditional Hawaiian necklace that everyone typically wears at least once while they are vacationing or visiting from out of town. 

This jewelry piece can be worn on a black cord for men or a matching pink satin ribbon with an adjustable clasp for women. They come in a choice of 14k gold and silver with matching earrings. Hawaiian pendant jewelry is a great way to remember all of the wild adventures you had while enjoying your Hawaiian vacation.

Hawaiian Necklace  -The Perfect Gift Item and Souvenir

These Hawaiian necklaces are lovely with authentic designs from the island that will make an attractive gift for any occasion, especially if you want to give someone something extra special.  

Hawaiian necklaces make the best souvenirs for tourists and people who love Hawaii. We have all types of Hawaiian pendant jewelry at affordable prices. Our products are 100% handmade by local artists. 

Our Hawaiian Jewelry

Our Hawaiian necklaces are available at affordable prices as we have local Hawaiian designers who make such beautiful jewelry pieces popular for any occasion. You can find many more varieties with us, like Hawaiian earrings, Hawaiian rings, Hawaiian bracelets, etc.

We also have a huge collection of Hawaiian gold necklaces. We prefer Hawaiian gold jewelry because Hawaiian gold is 100% pure 24K yellow gold.  What's more, our Hawaiian gold pendants are finely crafted by local jewelers right here in Hawaii! Since ancient times, people have treasured precious metals for their beauty and durability; because they rarely tarnish or oxidize.

Our favorite Hawaiian Jeweler

Denny Wong Jewelry is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of men’s and women’s jewelry.  We offer unique, original, long-lasting, and affordable Hawaiian gifts for everyone! Be it a wedding party or any other special occasion, Hawaiian jewelry will complement your wardrobe.

Our collections have been inspired by some of Hawaii's locals like snow white, hula dancers, etc. You will find different designs that incorporate varieties of colorful shell lei necklaces. The best thing about our products is that they look exactly like those used by native Hawaiians so if you really love Hawaii, just visit our online store.

Buying Hawaiian Jewelry at Dolphin Galleries

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