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Glass Art: Beautiful Decorative Pieces

Discover the allure and effect that Glass Art can have on your home or office décor.

Although some historians believe Egypt to have seen the first glass objects, the use of glass as a means of artistic expression can be traced back to around 3500 B.C in Mesopotamia. Over the year, custom-made glass products have journeyed from being a craft to a universal and distinct art form.

Exquisite pieces of blown glass art are what you need to add a unique touch to your home or office space. They come in eccentric designs and are sure to captivate kids and guests with their light and color dance.

What is glass art?

Any decorative artwork which is made from glass material is commonly known as Art Glass. Even though these crafted pieces are mostly used for decorative purposes, some also come in handy in terms of utility, for instance, bowls or vases. At times the showpieces are also combined with other materials. These modern artistic art glasses are also known as studio glass.

Did you know that these dazzling and colorful designer pieces are made using varied techniques? One of the most popular ones among them traditionally practiced all over the world is Blown, Glass Art. Our gallery has in store for you some of the most delicate and colorful creations by the renowned glass-smith & studio artist, John Gibbons. Be it a new house that you are trying to design or re-design an old one, they will draw all your guests' attention.

The blowing glass technique is the favorite among most glass artists because of the technique's versatility and opportunity while working with the material.

Learn about Types of Glass Art

When you know a little about the object that you are buying, your purchase decision, if not always, may become an easier and smoother one. Plus, you will be able to attach more value to it on a personal level. The making of these art pieces matters to the makers as well as buyers because the glass as a material is incredibly versatile, one that can be shaped in innumerable ways. Depending on the techniques used, the intensity of light being bend uniquely may vary.

The techniques that the artists use to curate these pieces fall under three major categories, namely, cold, hot and warm glass. So, here are some of the basic types that you need to know about:

  • Cold Category: The Cold category involves techniques such as sandblasting, engraving, cutting, polishing, etching and grinding. Techniques such as the mentioned ones do not need the material to be heated to create fine art pieces. Etching entails changing the art's texture and an outer appearance by blasting something gritty on it or applying acid.
  • Hot Category: Any glass art technique that involves getting the material heated at 2000 degrees and beyond temperature falls under this category. Mainly the casting and blowing techniques use molten glass. So does our artist John Gibbons, to create his unique items like containers, vases.

The molten material solidifies in the mould where it is placed in the case of the casting technique. On the other hand, in the blowing technique, the artists gather the molten material at the end of the blowpipe to produce glass bubbles.

  • Warm Category: Not heated in furnaces but, a kiln or oven at around 1200 to 1600 degrees, this glass category is thus commonly called kiln glass. Fusing and stumping are both warm glass techniques using which items like sheets, plates and tiles are made.

Bring home a new article of brightness.

Besides adding a personal touch, a decorative glass piece can illuminate your home's interior. Glass art collectors are easily drawn towards attractive pieces. However, for those looking to brighten their office or house, blown decorative glass pieces can bounce light, and your room looks brighter. Moreover, a beautiful glass piece flaunts and adds to your contemporary style.

Almost every house has a mirror but, these elegant articles as a part of the home design will also express your creative side. For the craftsmanship of the artisans, Art Glass objects have become famed among buyers and collectors alike, more than mass-produced glass.

Starfish Blown Glass Art - Add a celestial touch to your home.

At Dolphin Galleries, our art glass collection primarily features starfish themed designs, mostly in the form of vases. These unique art pieces will surely remind you of the beautiful marine life.

But why would you suddenly decide to keep an object in your house that looks like starfish? Of course, it's a different thing that they are colorful and shiny creatures that can be a meaningful addition to your home or office interiors' aesthetics. However, the meaning behind these loving sea creatures runs as deep as the ocean. The symbol of a starfish is highly relatable and more so as we journey through our lives each day.

The presence of both stars and starfish are often linked to celestial symbols. It symbolizes divine and endless love. It also helps you cure yourself of emotional loss over time. The symbol of a starfish potentially guides us through the tough times and replaces the void with something better. In the process, we learn the value of self-sustainability and regeneration. Our glass art vases may bring about similar transformations to your life, both mentally as well as aesthetically.

This symbol is also known to act as a tremendous source of guidance, inspiration, intuition and brilliance as well, allowing you to follow your gut feeling most of the time as you move through life. In the path towards achieving your desires and goals, it may enable you to follow your heart.

John Gibbons and his wide variety of masterpieces

Famous glass-blower, John Gibbons is one of our loved designers who has created all the vases and single glass-themed starfishes on our collection (

All his curations are hand-crafted. In his work, John Gibbons tries to recreate the various colours and movements of the sea and its creatures alike. It is very attuned with the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. His designs are famous as he converts the warm tropical oceans and the northern coasts into the Luminesce aqua and tidal greens of glass.

Our artist exhibits his passion for all his products. Almost all his creations' unique feature is that they feel as if they've just been taken out of the sea and placed on your hand. After all, such is his expertise; he has trained with some of the greatest glass masters & has been in this industry for above 13 years now.

He shapes each of his artwork using special metal tools (some self-welded) and a hand-held torch. The finer details that you see in his work directly result from the torch pinpointing the heat to melt the material accordingly. Most of his life-like sculptures are made by layering different color patterns beneath a thicker layer of transparent glass.

Experience the magic of John Gibbons at Dolphin Galleries

You can order exquisite wall and decorative artwork and also contemporary and heirloom jewelry from our website. As far as our Art Glass collection is concerned, it features John Gibbon's classic Starfish Cluster vases as well as individual glass-blown starfish. They are detailed with individually hand-blown starfish sculptures, only clustered to give it the shape of a crown.

When you look at each of his creation, you feel as if you are experiencing psychedelia of ocean life wrapped around a thick layer of the clear blown transparent vessel. The gleaming appearance and the visual depth of each of the starfish are life-like.

This collection is the artist's most famous work. Fans have always been drawn and mesmerized by the shine and the lively color patterns that are commonly found in his designs. Many are reminded of a vase full of flowers on glancing at these vessels. You better be ready to be dazzled by our single as well as multi-hued collection.

You can choose our hand-crafted starfish cluster vases from two sizes- the large ones come in 14" height * 9" diameter dimensions, whereas the small size is 9" height * 7" diameter. Also, our artisans create each sculpture on an order basis. Therefore, the delivery time may be longer. You can expect your vase to be shipped between one to two weeks after you have placed your order. We also offer easy shipping options.