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Slay your look with designer Dolphin Rings available only at Dolphin Galleries! All our dolphin rings are elegantly crafted in different metal bands. Check out our collection and choose the pieces that you are most drawn to. These jewelry pieces will not only enhance your look but will keep you cheerful and high-spirited just like this fun-loving creature. 

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Significance of Wearing Dolphin Rings 

How do you feel when you see a dolphin frolicking? Do you feel a sense of reassurance or peace? How refreshing and fun it feels to see them happily grin and enjoy their playful acts! This is all that dolphins are meant to offer the world. 

Dolphin rings have various meanings. For centuries, dolphins have been given a special place in legends, myths, and folklores by many cultures. Seafarers still consider dolphins as a symbol of protection. Dolphins are believed to be a good omen, bringing good fortune. 

For ancient Greeks, these kind-hearted creatures were hugely revered and were treated as rescuers, messengers, etc. Ancient Greeks believed that dolphins were responsible for bringing the dead to the Islands of the Blessed. And not just early Greeks! These creatures were also viewed as a symbol of Christ - they often appear in works of art, sculptures, paintings, and animal jewelry.     

The Celts honored these graceful creatures as protectors of sacred wells and water.  The most popular dolphin symbolism is FREEDOM. We feel a strong spirit of freedom as we watch dolphins splash and swim; jump and dive. Their flexibility, adaptability, and grace are traits we all should embrace.   

Why just the bygone times? People still try to capture the gentleness and playfulness of this creature in personal symbols, such as tattoos. For those who are not interested in getting tattoos, various jewelry pieces such as dolphin rings, dolphin earrings, or dolphin necklaces are a great option. While wearing dolphin jewelry has been a popular choice among women, anyone who wants to embrace the qualities of this intelligent animal can choose to wear dolphin jewelry. 

Buy Dolphin Rings Online 

Dolphins symbolize the very essence of protection, playfulness, intelligence, gentleness, power, friendship, and generosity.  If you feel a connection with dolphins or are drawn to this creature, wearing dolphin rings can help bring about a transformation in your life.    

Available in different sizes and materials, our dolphin rings are perfect for every outfit and occasion. Take some time out to look at our exclusive collection and you will fall in love. 

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