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Looking for dolphin earrings online? Spruce up your look with designer dolphin earrings available only at Dolphin Galleries. Check out our exclusive collection of dolphin-themed earrings and add to your cart the ones you’re most drawn to. 

No wonder people adore this charming and playful creature. The moment you see a dolphin, you’ll experience a sudden energy shift, no matter how low you feel. Such is the charm of the dolphin. And this is what we have been trying to deliver through our dolphin jewelry.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for your loved one, dolphin earrings are a perfect choice. Besides their unique look and design, the significance these Hawaiian jewelry pieces have will surely make you want them. 

Significance of Dolphin Earrings

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “dolphin”? A playful creature doing acrobatic spins in the air. That’s true! But there is much more to a dolphin than we know. 

While the world knows how friendly and lively dolphins are, not everybody knows about their spiritual significance or symbolism. Different cultures have different beliefs about these adorable creatures. In Christianity, a dolphin symbolizes well-being. Often this mammal is pictured on a cross or a trident as an emblem of Christ’s crucifixion. In the Bible, dolphins are depicted as pure - a being that cannot be manipulated and has a deep love for humans. 

According to some ancient Greek legends, the dolphin carries the souls of the dead to the island of the blessed. It symbolizes authority, kinship, strength, intelligence, freedom, and compassion. Words like love, sensuality, friendliness, playfulness, desire, curiosity, exploration, attraction, and joy are often associated with dolphins. 

In Celtic philosophy, the dolphin is a sea watcher. It is a highly honored creature seen as the protector of sacred water and wells. 

If you feel exhausted or sad all the time, wearing dolphin jewelry could cheer you up. The dolphin is an inspiration to all of us. One can learn how to enjoy life to the fullest. Just be yourself, have fun, be kind and loving, and enjoy every moment. We must learn to forget about our worries and doubts and just keep going with our spirits high. Also, it’s good to be serious in life and goal-oriented, but having fun once in a while is also important. And this is what the dolphin symbolizes - being playful and high-spirited. 

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