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"Lifting Everyone's Spirits"
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

24 x 44 inches
Edition size: 325
All signed and numbered by the artist


Once again, Arvid raises the bar with "Lifting Everyone's Spirits." Stunning in its vibrant color, Arvid's well-stocked composition is a mastery of precision. The light and shadow in the transparent liquid is captured with amazing dexterity, serving as a dynamic backdrop to the finely detailed texture of the labels. In contrast, the striking blue and amber introduce a new palette in which Arvid explores depth and reflection. Artfully arranged in a ten bottle collection, it's a classic Arvid with a twist.

Entertaining is perhaps the third most common activity at the Arvid household, not to be outdone by painting and strumming the ukulele. With a constant throng of after-school visits, neighbors, and those lucky enough to stop by for supper, it's easy to see why Arvid takes so much pleasure in a full bar: "I love to unwind with a glass of wine, but it's great to know that when my friends and neighbors stop in, I can make their favorite cocktail."