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Labradorite Titanium Ring

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Titanium Labradorite ring for men and women interested in meteors. Labradorite is a smokey bluish-green gemstone mineral. Sometimes found in meteorites, Labradorite has a galaxy of splintered opaque colorless spectrum with a hint of blue and green shimmer. Also called Black Moonshine, Labridorite was discovered during WW ll, where it was named Falcons Eye. The gemstone has a place in an ancient Eskimo legend that says the Northern Lights were once trapped in stones, but set free by a warrior who found them on the beach and shot them into the air with spears.

SIZEs: 3.25 - 20
WIDTH: 3mm - 10mm (see image showing relative width differences)

Shipping Cost: $25

Shipping Time: 1-2 weeks