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"Gold Standard"
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

43 x 17 ¾ inches
Edition size: 195
All signed and numbered by the artist


"Gold Standard" captures a moment of carefree indulgence befitting the Italian phrase of its inspiration, Far Niente or without a care. Reminiscent of a bygone era, the dulcet tones of the finely crafted bottle of chardonnay, a single glass and the pulled cork draw us into an unforgettable evening well underway.

Just as a fine wine becomes more refined, Arvid's art continues to evolve through the complexity and mastery of his skill. Arvid shares not only a passion for wine but also a deep connection to the winemakers he admires since both embody a high quality of craftsmanship. Working in layers, Arvid can take from three months up to a year to complete one of his elaborately detailed oil paintings. Like the first taste of a much anticipated vintage of wine, each of his masterpieces is well worth the wait.