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Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

29 x 20 inches
Edition size: 375
Plus 85 Artist Proofs
All signed and numbered by the artist


Arvid describes the depth that he finds in his work: “Wine is a great subject to paint because it has so many different elements: hot and cool surfaces, fluid, wood, glass, chrome, cloth. As a painter, it gives me so much to draw from. ‘Elements’ is a perfect example that combines all of the elements that I like to work with in a painting. It is a composition of textures and materials as well as color and space.”

Thomas’ advice on enjoying wine mirrors his approach to painting it. “You have to trust your own instincts; learn what you like in wine by drinking it, not by listening to what other people say about it. It is much more rewarding to shape your own tastes – so pour yourself a glass and enjoy!”