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After all these years


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"After All These Years"
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

43 x 21 ½ inches
Edition size: 195
All signed and numbered by the artist


Dusting off the age, the anticipation rises as two treasured bottles leave the cellar... it's time to celebrate a memory created long ago. With each pour, the moment comes back as we reminisce about good times and a great vintage is savored once again. After all these years, we have only gotten better with time.

Patience is one of Arvid's greatest attributes. Capturing every detailed nuance and reflection requires unerring commitment; it can take months and even years of work for him to complete one painting. How does he know when a painting is finished? "Painting is like having a conversation once I add paint to the canvas, I step back and let the painting tell me what it needs. I work at it some more, step back and continue this way until there is nothing left to say. Then I know it's finished."