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About Maryam Moeeni

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Maryam Parnian Moeeni is a professional, world-renowned artist who started painting somewhere in the mid 80s. At that time, she was studying interior designing in Arizona. In 1991 Maryam moved to Arkansas with her husband who had joined the Arkansas State University and became a faculty member. 

In 1999 Moeeni received a bachelor degree in Fine Art with specialization in graphic designing. She also received a Masters degree in Arts with emphasis on painting. She completed her postgraduate studies in 2004 from the Arkansas State University.

A lot of the international, national, public and private establishments have bought her collections. Moeeni is also a member of the Memphis Germantown Art League and the North East Arkansas Visual Art League, Jonesboro.

Maryam’s artworks have a certain uniqueness to them which is also their selling points.