About Josef Kote


Artistically boundless, Albanian born Josef Kote started his prolific gift of fine art as a young boy. His unique vision for lyrically stunning and romantic inspirations of his own surroundings lent itself to years of experimenting and ultimate prestige. Kote, determined and inspired by his scenic hometown of Vlore’s commercial industry and old world charm, was awarded acceptance to The National Lyceum of Arts. He continued his post-secondary education at The Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana where he received a diploma in painting and scenography. It was here that Kote found his unique craft of marrying energy and light to the canvas, that today, puts him in an artistic genre all his own.

After a professional scenography career at the Petro Marko Theatre in Vlore, Kote moved to Greece where the inspiration of the warm Mediterranean landscape allowed him to evolve his craft, constantly inspiring him and creating a yearning within him to create. This can be seen in pastel, serene colors, and loose brush strokes. His work begun to gain notoriety, propelling Kote with opportunities to transcend in his work with signature techniques often using a palette knife. He spent ten successful years in Greece moving then to Toronto. Here his surroundings inspired visionary abstract elements fusing passion and symphonies of light in expressionistic urbanscapes.  In 2009, Kote moved to New York City, his palette even bolder, stunning and romantic, spilling his perspective of light and life onto canvas.

Where To Buy Josef Kote Paintings

Kote is possibly one of the 21st century’s most prolific and innovative artists. His valuable and highly sought-after paintings can be found in galleries worldwide, most commonly US and Canada. Josef Kote paintings are available for purchase online and in various galleries. When purchasing online, if an item is listed as available, keep in mind that the listings are not always up to date or may have sold quickly. Some galleries allow collectors to negotiate prices but this is up to seller discretion. Buying art online can be daunting but at Dolphin Galleries we provide you with certificates of authenticity, high-quality photos, and a support staff that is able to answer any question you may have about our pieces. At Dolphin Galleries we provide you with all of this information to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Kote’s paintings, contemporary and unique with signature dripping effects, will add an element of elegance and conversation for any collector. Shop for Joseph Kote originals and prints at Dolphin Galleries today!.