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About Josef Kote

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An Albanian artist, Josef Kote was born in 1964. Kote discovered his artistic abilities at a very young age. Upon discovering them, he never stopped his quest as an artist. 

It’s safe to say that he was born to be an artist. Even as a child, he would draw endlessly and was always looking for ways to create something. He had decided to become an artist at a very tender age of 13.

From there, he channelized all his energies into the pursuit of this one goal and started working on his new goal - which was to get accepted at the finest art school in Albania. He participated in several competitions both national and local and was honored with a special spot at the ‘’National Lyceum of Arts, Tirana.’’

Kote got accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana in 1984. But, even at the academy he could not keep the artist within himself confined to the old masters’ traditional approaches. In order to break free of the limits imposed on him, Kote continued experimenting with different techniques. 

He often did that by leaving the paintings unfinished. While in the art school, Josef also made a small animation film called Lisi. Although it was made on a small budget, it was well-received by the audiences. By the time Josef graduated in scenography and painting in 1988, he had prepared himself as a young artist ready to pursue the quest as an artist. 

Kote started his journey as a scenographer at Petro Marko Theatre in Vlore. But, by the late 90s the artist within him had started growing restless. That’s when he decided to go to Greece where the natural beauty and warmth of the Mediterranean gave him the inspiration to infuse an impressionistic approach in his artworks. 

One thing that’s common in all his works of art is that they all capture the moments that reflect energy, light, and love for everything that happens to be the subject of his creativity.