About Tim Lazer

Leading Names in Glass Art

Tim Lazer is one of the leading names in the list of finest glass artists in California. His love for glass medium started more than 30 years ago under the influence of Val Saunders at Palomar College. Lazer’s education in the art glass blowing was shown on CSU Fullerton.

He is known for creating contemporary Art Glass with the amazing color palette. His theory about the nature of his craft is regularly changing as his work obviously shows. As he endeavors to control what may be viewed as a wild medium, the directions of his plans frequently develop and take new forms. His unique creations are completed with copper, gold leaf, and dichroic glass elements.

How he got so good.

In his early years, he spent around 60 hours over the furnace in order to learn the right techniques that he used now in the off-hand glass blowing. 

In this process, Lazer used to create particular glass shape using different layers of glass, using precious metals and glass powders melted or fused onto the surface of the glass to obtain transparent, iridescent, lustrous and opalescent pieces. 

Influenced Italian glass master Lino Tagliapietra studies in New York, today, he is working in his studio in Northern California. He got expertise in the art of fusing and manipulating it with dichroic glass and 22k foil gold to create ornaments, paperweights, perfume bottles, vases, and platters. 

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