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John Gibbons Art Glass

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Born and brought up in Northern California, John always had a thing for art. In fact, he grew up surrounded by art and making it. Gibbons was largely influenced or say inspired by his artist father who is also an avid glass collector and painter.

John officially started studying glass in the year 2003. He attended Shasta College to harness his full potential. He also got a BFA in glass from the California State University in Chico.

After finishing graduation, Gibbons moved to the central coast of California and started working for Harmony Glass Works. He moved to San Diego in 2011. There he took on the role of an art resident at the Cirello Gallery located in North Park.

It wasn't until 2014 that he opened his own hot glass shop. He opened it in San Diego but 2 years later moved it to Northern California. To this date, John continues to craft beautiful, artistic glass sculptures. He has continued his endeavours in Eureka, California.
Upon close observation, you will notice that most of his works are inspired by the ocean. Although most of his pieces are used as centerpieces due to their uniqueness, John also creates wearable pendants and vases all made out of glass.

So, those who have a thing for oceanic life and want to bring a touch of it into their home, his signature starfish pieces are a true investment that can transform any place into an oasis of the ocean.