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About Casey Parlette

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Casey Parlette is the native of Southern California. He spent most of his youth near beaches and hillsides; basically playing with the local wildlife. Having immersed and attuned himself with the nature, he felt incredibly inspired by the beauty of nature around him and that is evident from the sculptures he created later on.
He started his practice as an artist at a very young age. 

Parlette studied anthropology at the UCLA. Upon his graduation, Casey started working as a commercial diver. From there he went on to become an ocean lifeguard. This job allowed him to go underwater and explore the exotic seas. He worked in collaboration with FOX Sports and got acquainted with the remote areas.

Casey also lived in Peruvian Amazon for 8 months. There he got familiar with various species of fish which were previously unknown. The species is classified as Rivulus Parlettei (named after him) which is quite an honor.
Parlette is an ardent nature lover. Everything that he discovered and learned as a wildlife adventurer, he has tried to showcase all that through his sculptures. His work is heavily influenced by nature and that is possibly his highest selling point.
Throughout his life, Casey made a close observation of a lot of things around him. Along the way he picked up on a lot of techniques and knowledge of various kinds of materials that he implemented in his sculptures. The subjects of his creations are typically wildlife creatures with emphasis heavily put on marine animals. His creations range from all kinds of sculptures that have been forged, hammered, carved and welded out of steel, brass, bronze, abalone, concrete, stone, mother of pearls, and what not.

Casey does more than just creating mountable and standalone pieces. He is also commissioned to create architecturally integrated works for both private and public installations.