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About Alexei Butirskiy

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ALEXEI BUTIRSKIY was born in Moscow in 1974. At the age of 5, he visited an exhibition in Pushkin museum and from there, his journey to become an artist began.

After finishing his studies, Butirskiy joined Moscow Art college in 1996. He graduated from there with a Diploma of excellence. In 1998, he finished his studies in the Russian Academy of the Arts where he studied under a renowned professor L.S Hasyanova.

In 1996, he passionately participated in more than 10 exhibitions, auctions and one-man shows in England, Russia and 25 shows in the U.S. He loves to express himself with canvas and oil, following the techniques of impressionism and realism. Some of the most influential people who have helped him are Andry Waite, Serov (XIX), Levitan, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jourj Latur.

Recently, he has focused all his efforts on showing urban life around him in un-glorified and truthful terms. His favorite art subject is interior with present sensitive human, urban city landscape, and psychological portrait. Moreover, he makes sure to cover the sense of tranquility in every painting he paints.

All the artwork by him is without any action of conviviality, uncannily still using the only color, shadows, and space offering dialog along with a powerful relationship between intensely profounded light and dark. His all paintings is a type of silent poetry that speaks a thousand words.

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Offered in an edition of 395 and 40 Artist Proofs, “Charles Bridge Prague” for the first time ever, is offered in two different configurations. The full image measures 24
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