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The Spirit Booster Seal Necklace & Pendants 

If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits or inspire you to make the best of your current circumstances,  wearing a seal pendant or necklace as a totem could help!

We all know that jewelry enhances our looks but what if that jewelry has a meaning or significance? The seal is a power animal, and wearing seal-inspired jewelry can bring some major transformations to our lives. 

Let’s learn more about the significance of seal necklaces and pendants. 

The Symbolism Behind Seal Pendants & Necklaces 

If you’re missing your inner child, silver seal pendants can help! This totem teaches you to let go of all the fears that may be holding you back and embrace your inner child. The seal will stir your enthusiasm and motivate you to lead a successful and happy life.

Did you know that while seals spend most of their lives in the sea, they give birth to their pups on land? This contradiction has a major impact on the symbolism of this power animal. The seal brings a perfect balance between the water and earth elements in our lives. It kindles our intuitive abilities and awareness while helping us to ground ourselves.  This dichotomy instills awareness and maintains a perfect harmony between your inner and outer worlds. 

Just like dolphins, seals are also playful. You will often find seals showing off or clowning around. With this playfulness, the seal spirit teaches us to be happy, make others happy, and have fun. Seals have a healthy amount of whimsy and appear to enjoy never-ending enthusiasm, energy, and infectious love of adventure. In all, wearing seal jewelry can make you feel light-hearted, inspired, and fresh. 

Have you ever noticed the agility of this supreme animal? This agility makes them great navigators, even during strong tidal shifts and changes. So, what does the seal’s agility teach us? To adjust to new circumstances, even when times are tough, and to remain comfortable with our decisions.

Seals have amazing hearing. They can hear underwater, so they understand the world around them. The lesson we learn here is to become an active listener, staying vigilant in every place and under every circumstance. 

The seal is a spirit guide showing us how to detect the real meaning behind people’s actions and words. It also supports us in developing stronger relationships. 

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