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18K gold bangle with 0.83 CT diamonds

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18K rose gold earrings with 0.68 CT diamonds

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18K white gold 3pcs ring with 0.60 CT diamonds

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Luxury Diamond Jewelry: Facts & Symbols

Now, we don’t say 'Diamonds are forever' for nothing. Diamond jewelry, no matter where you are in the world, signifies, including status and power.

Are you currently planning to buy a piece of Luxury Diamond Jewelry but clueless as to where to begin?

You have then arrived at the correct place. Our designer jewelers, at Dolphin Galleries, Hawaii have curated some of the best jewelry pieces that can never fail to charm you with its design and sheen.

Since this is one gemstone that is not just outright beautiful but also rare and expensive, you should armor yourself with a few basics before making the purchase. Many people are often hesitant before buying luxurious ornaments due to their worries regarding fraud. However, if you are armed with the knowledge of the points that matter, you can become a smart buyer. We have thus, listed out a few essential things that will make your purchase experience of a diamond set far better.

Things to Consider while buying a fine diamond jewelry

If you are shopping for a diamond ornament for the first time, apart from the design's beauty, things can turn out to be quite confusing. It is entirely understandable. After all, it is quite an amount that you are about to invest in an ornament. Thus, it is best to quickly scroll through the vital factors to consider to be a happy and content customer. Please read the points listed below:

Mind the 4 C's When Buying Luxury Diamond Jewelry:

When it is about understanding the quality, versus the cost of luxury ornament studded with one or more diamonds, the concept of 4C's must become clear to you. The worth of diamonds is based on four major features, and they are termed as the 4C's of the gemstone.

A grading report sure contains tons of details about the gemstone but, people worldwide can easily measure their beauty and quality by these chief components.

Be it a necklace, bracelet, engagement ring, or even an earring- you need to consider the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the gem in each piece. Also, diamonds are fitted on metal, and you will also have to decide with which metal do you want to pair these precious stones.

From our collection at Dolphin Galleries, you can pick from either gold, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, dual tones or black rhodium-plated metals.

Let us move on to the 4C's.

1. Cut of the Diamond

First up is the cut of a diamond. Perfect alignment of the facets will ensure maximum sparkle in the diamond piece that you select. You can always ask the jeweler to give you a better view of the gem with their magnifying glass. That way, you can see and understand with their help whether the cuts are set in perfect symmetry. You are advised not to go for the one with too flat or too deep a cut.

The diamond's beauty largely depends on its cut because that ensures how exquisitely the light will bounce. Thus, the quality of a diamond cut is referred to as the king among the other three measures.

The imperfections in the diamond's clarity and color (if any) will be less noticeable in a well-cut piece. Also, the brighter the gem is, the larger will it appears than it's carat. So, you can go for a smaller size when buying these luxury jewels, but never compromise upon cut quality.

You can choose from either the traditional round cut; fancier cuts like princess, marquise, heart or pear; or radiant and cushion cuts which are comparatively newer introductions to the jewelry industry.

2. Color of the Diamond

The worth of a diamond piece also varies in terms of its color. While choosing the gem's color, bear in mind that the simpler, the better it is. You can either go for a colorless one or that which appears uniformly colored. Which one you pick, of course, will depend on your budget and preference. Many insist on buying those with D & F grades (purer white). However, it can come as a surprise that there is a very subtle difference in color gradations, mostly invisible to the naked eye. So, you do not need to shed an extra amount for it.

3. Clarity of the Diamond

No diamond is flawless. The inclusions in the stone are caused naturally, either internally or externally. This distinctions in this characteristic of a diamond are also visible only under microscopic view.

The closer the gem is to perfection (lesser blemishes), the costlier it becomes. For instance, a grade of S13 will not appear 'eye clean' as an S12 would. Instead, it would seem opaque and slightly darker. However, they are incredibly subtle details that don't make a noticeable difference as far as beauty is concerned. Thus, similar to the color factor, there is no point paying extra for flawless clarity.

4. Carat Weight of the Gem

Lastly, the carat weight of a luxury jewelry piece also strongly influences how much it will cost you. As, a matter of fact, this factor matters the most (more than the appearance) when the price is in question. When carat weight rises, diamond jewelry prices increase exponentially.

However, please remember that size of a diamond does not increase with carat weight. Thus, if you are all in for a bigger diamond size on your piece, a lower carat gem will not bring much difference in terms of appearance but, will surely lower your pocket pinch.

Are they mined or lab-made?

There is around 30-75% cost difference between a mined and a lab-made diamond. If durability and beauty is your concern while choosing between them, it is best to go for the lab-cultured ones, because there is no difference. Only that, buying a jewelry piece with lab-made diamonds will cost you a lot less.

Why is Diamond luxury jewelry so cherished?

Did you know that our English word adamant was derived from the term 'Adamas' which is the Ancient Greek name for diamonds? A diamond being the symbol of invincibility and harness comes from the same idea. Universally today, diamonds signify strong commitment and eternal love. Perhaps, for this particular reason, they are the most preferred gemstone widely used in the making of engagement rings.

The concept is derived from the strength that diamonds and their association with engagement since the Renaissance Age. In ancient Rome, people who could afford it started using this rare gemstone to mark their marriage bond as unbreakable. Thus, came about the idea where diamonds were attached to anything romantic, especially a marriage- to be preserved by eternal strength. The famous slogan from the marketing campaign of De Beers, 'diamonds are forever' was also derived from this concept.

As far as symbolism is concerned, lab-grown diamond jewelry also represents beauty and eternal love. Like natural alternatives, they also have the same chemical, visual, and physical elements.

Other Associations:

Many people associate diamonds with health- as a symbol of long life and a better heart condition. While some believe that this gemstone promises lasting romance, others think they bless the wearer with clarity and rational thinking. People are often seen buying a diamond to enhance joy and positivity in their lives since it is also believed that the stone portrays the ideal form of a person's mental state.

Different color - different meaning

Most diamonds are transparent, but colored ones also exist, even though they are rare. They have individual symbols attached to each of them.

  • Diamonds with a pink hue have a high demand in the market, signifying creativity, timeless beauty and joy. They are counted as one of the rarer gems.
  • The color blue denotes nobility and royalty. So, traditionally a blue diamond offered as a gift represents the highest form of love & respect.
  • Brown diamonds are reminiscent of the earth below us and thus, are symbols of humility.
  • The red ones represent Courage, and they are scarce.
  • A diamond gets an orange hue for the presence of the chemical boron. They symbolize enthusiasm.
  • Yellow diamonds are the most common among colored stones, and they are said to represent the bond of friendship.

Protect your Luxury Diamond Jewelry pieces

It is crucial to get your expensive jewelry pieces insured after making your purchase, given the personal, emotional & financial attachment. There have been stories about how people lost their precious jewels and couldn't retrieve anything as they had no insurance to back their purchase. It is best not to make this mistake for your peace of mind.

Whether your ornaments are store-bought or purchased online, getting your purchase insured can give you complete coverage on account of loss. The only difference will be in the premium. Usually, you need to pay a larger premium amount for the ones purchased from a physical store.