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Koa Wood Rings

Koa Wood Rings: Genuine Wood Bands for Men and Women

The handed-down Koa wood is one of the popular woods in the world. Endemic to Hawaii, the Koa tree doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world. This beautiful wood grain is known for its deep rich color and varied patterns. An ancient symbol of strength and wisdom, it is not only the primary choice of wood dealers and woodworkers, but Hawaiian jewelry designers also adore this amazing wood for making unique jewelry pieces.

You can find a wide assortment of jewelry pieces made from Koa wood. One of the most appreciated jewelry pieces is ‘Koa Wood Rings.’ These rings are available in different forms, ranging from engagement rings, wedding rings, and much more. These rings are the popular choice with environmentalists as they are inlaid with real wood and didn’t need a tree to be chopped down.

Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful look of this wood or you want to remember a special time, you can get both men’s and women’s koa rings online. Made of genuine Koa wood inlaid into a ceramic or a metal band, it provides added strength to the ring so it will stand up to the test of time. These rings are the preferred choice of those who are looking for nontraditional material in their jewelry. Also, a couple who are planning a honeymoon or destination wedding in Hawaii prefers these rings than others.

What Hawaiian Koa Rings Symbolize?

Many couples prefer the beautiful Koa wood wedding rings as a way to recall them of the most joyous times of their lives. The wedding rings made from Koa wood allows the newlyweds to take a keepsake of their honeymoon or destination wedding home with them and treasure it forever. However, these pieces are not only for weddings. You can buy a koa wood rings as an enduring reminder of the vacation on the tropical shores of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Koa wood ring needs meticulous care as it is made of organic material that can be affected adversely by the environment. Although rings made from metals can be worn every day, Koa wood rings need precise care. If you want to wear them daily, you need a gentleness. Compared to titanium ring with koa wood inlay, a solid koa ring will require more care.

Special features of Koa Wood

If you keep your koa rings aside, chances are, they will get dry and possibly crack. However, when you use it gently, your koa wood ring will get a patina that gives a character to your ring. The durable hardwood rings have the same hardness and color that is luminescent. When you see these rings, you will fall in love with their beauty and charms.


Although wooden rings are not as durable as tungsten or titanium rings, these are not even softwoods that you might be thinking. They won’t scratch, dent, or crack easily. However, when wearing these rings, you should take care of these rings daily. For example, if you are working on a construction site with your hands, wear gloves, or remove the ring. Apart from this, koa rings don’t conduct electricity like a metal. As the wood is durable, all you need is the right care if you want it to last for years.

Water Resistant but not Waterproof

Koa wood rings are not completely waterproof but are water-resistant. They might have a wax or coating to protect it, but as it is made of organic material like wood, it may soak up water when steeped for a long period. Although you can take a quick shower while wearing it, you should not wear it when washing dishes or should not immerse it into the bathtub.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Whether it is a men’s ring or women ring, make sure you are keeping it away from harsh chemicals. Especially when cleaning a bathroom or kitchen, make sure to remove the ring. Harsh chemicals or abrasives can cause burning and pits of the Koa wood rings. Also, make sure not to leave lotion or chemicals that are damp between your skin and the ring.

Sun Damage

If you work outdoors for hours, you will have to keep your wooden rings protected from sun rays. Even when sun rays make wooden furniture gray and ashy, it can fade the rich color of your Koa wood rings. So, it is wise to avoid sun rays falling on your Hawaiian Koa wood ring.

Koa Ring Polishing

For a smooth finish, the Koa ring is finished with tung oil or with a polish of linseed with a bit of beeswax. When your wooden ring needs some polish or feels rough, you can do the same way. However, you need to ensure to keep your ring clean and dry before you start the process of polishing. To give it natural moisture, you can apply linseed oil and allow it to soak into the wood. The beeswax will not only give it a smooth coating but also protect it. To keep your ring in peak condition, make sure to polish your ring regularly using the oils.

Koa wood’s Inlay Rings

If your rings have an inlay of Koa wood, you need to take care of it based on the type of metal. The protective coating can be of other clear coating or an epoxy resin doesn’t need to be polished as same as wood. Rather you should use a jewelry cleaner or polish it with a cloth to make the metal shine. The wood coating will stay shiny for a long period without the need for polishing.

Our conclusion

Undoubtedly, buying a wooden koa ring is an excellent choice. Even if you are looking for these rings for your special day, then you can get many koa wood wedding rings to choose from. The maintenance of these rings is quite important compared to a metal ring. If you want it to lasts for the rest of your life, take good care of it. Koa wooden ring is a special jewelry piece that you want to pass down to the next generation.