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Your Guide to Maintaining High End Jewelry

Women take pride in every piece of their jewelry. You would want to keep them protected so that your precious accessories never lose their sheen. Many of us share a sentimental value attached to a piece of jewelry- maybe because it was gifted by someone special or an heirloom or simply because we love wearing it. Irrespective of the reason, no one will ever want their dazzlers to be tarnished in any way.

It would be best to put a little effort to take care of something you would want to last for a lifetime. The same goes for your ornaments.

When we talk about caring for jewelry, especially, High End Jewelry, we need to be extra cautious because we often like to pass it on as heirlooms for the generations to follow. Running to professionals for regular maintenance of your prized jewels is not a must-do. Moreover, we understand that it is not always possible to do so.

At Dolphin Galleries, our jewelers curate each piece with a lot of care and are always open for your maintenance requests. However, we also have a few simple suggestions and tips for you to help keep your expensive jewelry safe and last longer without professional help.

Best steps to care for your high-end style accessories

1. Know your jewelry pieces well

The first step to taking care of your jewelry is to know them well. It is the essential criteria. Is your necklace made out of gold, or are those danglers studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones? Does your ring have a black rhodium plating? It is best to have the necessary knowledge about your pieces- like what kind of material they contain.

Or, if they have undergone any treatment. Only when you are aware of that, will you be able to care for your most precious pieces correctly. Remember that different metals or gems require to be handled and stored differently.

So, store your purchase documents separately, so that you can access them whenever you need to refresh your memory on the care tips for a particular ornament.

2. Check if the gems treated?

To know this, you would need a GIA report that will inform you whether or not the gems on your piece have undergone any special treatment to enhance its clarity and color. It is only applicable for jewelry containing colored gemstones. When you know if the stones have been treated, you will be capable of better maintaining them by keeping them away from steam, high temperatures, ultrasonic cleaners and solvents. Since this report is not always easily accessible, it is best to avoid bringing your precious possessions from coming into contact with those mentioned earlier.

3. Clean gently- Simple care goes a long way.

Be it necklaces, rings, bracelets, bangles or even earrings, high-end pieces are more likely to have diamonds-like we have in our collection. Diamonds add radiance and edge to any look, but regular use without proper care can make them lose their brilliance. Thus, this calls for timely maintenance. Does that mean you keep your priceless collections locked in and hardly ever wear them? Certainly not! You can help your diamonds retain their clarity just by knowing the simplest ways of keeping them clean.

You can remove oil, dirt or other substances from any of your diamond pieces by lightly brushing (soft-bristle brush) them with diluted mild dish soap. Dish soaps that have heavy detergent content can potentially damage the article. If an antique diamond jewel is in question, proceed with caution. Never soak vintage articles. In this case, it is best to visit a professional. Once you are done cleaning them, wash them in a bowl or glass of room temperature water and tap dry them thoroughly to rid them of moisture. Use a soft lint-free cloth to do so.

For gold articles, remember that purer the gold, the more prone it will be to scratches. So, use very soft-bristle brushes to dust them off. Also, regular cleaning will help preserve the natural lustre and shine of white gold.

Note: It is best to avoid cleaning a fine diamond article under running water in a sink as the chance of losing a smaller piece is high. Please make sure that the diamonds are set on your piece securely to minimize the chances of losing a gemstone during regular wear or cleaning.

4. Wear them with care

It is always advised to put on your jewelry last after you dress up. Firstly, you wouldn't want your clothes to catch on them. Secondly, dressing up involves the use of makeup, skincare products, and hairsprays which might contain various chemicals that can cause corrosion or discoloration of your expensive jewelry sets.

Similarly, when you come back home, remember to remove your ornaments first, or you may tarnish them. Before you get into any housework, removing your diamond rings prior is a must as diamonds are can be chipped by knocks or a hard blow.

5. Store them Separately

Depending on how you store them, you will either harm or help your fine jewelry pieces. Being mindful about this final step is vital to ensure that they last long and remains as radiant as the gems were on day one.

One of the most reliable and most obvious ways of protecting them from damage or dust is to store them in the box or package they came in, in the first place. It is even better if the box has a soft lint-free fabric lining. As you may already know, diamonds are the hardest gemstone available (ranks 10 on Mohs' Scale), keeping other gemstones with diamonds would put them at risk of scratching.

Worrying about your bracelets breaking or chains tearing due to unwanted tangles - it doesn't count as a thing you would like to like. So, please do not pile them all up in one box. The first reason for that is that it would upset you if they damage each other. Also, if you store them separately, they will be a lot easier to find. All that hard work to clean and maintain your exquisite pieces will go in vain if you miss this last step.

Always remember to clean your jewelry and dry them thoroughly before storage. Storing damp jewelry increases the chances of corrosion. Keeping a silica gel or any moisture-absorbent helps preserve your loved ornaments except for opals and pearls.

Things to remember for Jewelry care

  • Avoid recommendations for using an ultrasonic cleaner at home. They may shake off all the dirt from the piece but, at the same time, a diamond or two from its setting.
  • It is best to store jewelry in dedicated boxes away from somewhere too hot because excessive heat may discolor and weaken certain gemstones.
  • If you are hanging your neckpieces, make sure you do not hang more than one piece per hook. Limiting the number per hook will considerably minimize risks of damage or tangles.
  • Keep a safe distance from cologne, lotions, harsh chemicals, chlorine bleach or abrasives such as baking soda.
  • When cleaning delicate ornaments, never use an old toothbrush which may contain paste residue. Plus, loose bristles of an old toothbrush might get stuck in some pieces.