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Looking for something dainty and chic to complete your beach look? Get that look with our exclusive crab necklaces available only on Dolphin Galleries.

These lovely crab necklaces are lightweight, trendy, and designed intricately by our talented artisans. Perfect for any occasion and every outfit, our crab necklaces are simply outstanding. Style these up with a pair of crab earrings, and you are all set to catch the eye of those around you!

Check out our wide range of exotic crab necklaces and choose those that best fit your style.

Significance of Crab Necklaces

Our crab necklaces are distinct pieces from our crab jewelry collection. Crabs are relatively small and have strongly carved claws. These hard-shelled creatures represent defensiveness, change, growth, strength, and adaptability. Crabs urge us to protect ourselves and have a fearless attitude. These also symbolize decision-making and resilience.

Crabs are highly adaptive as they live on land and in water so to survive, they must be in a constantly adaptive state. Besides, one should always be ready to face challenges fearlessly and avoid unnecessary conflicts. And this is what crabs teach us in life - accept what comes through and be flexible enough to accept change.

At times when we feel vulnerable, the crab symbolizes resourcefulness and patience in overcoming such situations.

Our crab necklaces beautifully represent this creature. Just like snakes, crabs too shed their skins to grow in a constantly evolving cycle. So, crabs represent the cycles of life and rebirth. As you can see, these creatures certainly are beautiful, symbolic, interesting, and iconic.

If you can relate to this creature, you can appreciate it with our crab necklaces. Explore our unique collection and place your order today.

Buy Crab Jewelry Online @ Dolphin Galleries

We are well-known for our designer animal jewelry, of which crab jewelry is one of our top categories. Our designs are unique and are crafted by talented artists like Denny Wong - a renowned jewelry artist, and several others.

You can choose from a wide variety of crab necklaces, including colorful gemstones, gold, pearl, and sterling silver. Besides crab necklaces, we also have crab earrings, crab pendants, and crab rings in our collection.

Traverse through our jewelry store online and start adding our exclusive designer pieces to your cart.

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