Everything You Want to Know About Upgrading Your Wedding Ring

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Everything You Want to Know About Upgrading Your Wedding Ring

Everything You Want to Know About Upgrading Your Wedding Ring

Have you ever felt the need to upgrade your wedding ring? Has your wedding ring become outdated and lost its luster? If so, this blog is for you. These wedding ring upgrade ideas will help you get that lost luster back…both in your wedding ring and your marriage ;)  

Marriage is one of the most beautiful aspects of life - how incredible it is to share your entire life with somebody you love and respect. However, the spark can dim after years of togetherness amid life’s struggles and hardships. That is when you have to think about renewing the bond and regaining the lost spark.  

You may try different things to revive your marriage; however, we believe upgrading your wedding ring could be an effective way to achieve the same. This may sound crazy but trust us, it could be worthwhile. 

While wedding rings are supposed to last forever, re-touching them can enhance their beauty and rekindle their purpose - to keep the couple together forever. Each time you see the revived ring, it will remind you of your togetherness with ‘newness’.
This brings us to the next section: 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

While there's no hard and fast rule to upgrading or keeping your wedding ring the same, couples often prefer to upgrade their engagement or wedding rings for various reasons:

Enacting Marriage Vows 

It is like enacting your wedding on your 50th wedding anniversary. You re-live all those memories of your big day. Upgrading your wedding ring arouses the same emotions as renewing your marriage vows. It makes you realize how far you've come in life as a couple. It also makes your bond stronger and brings a spark to your marriage. 

Go With The Trend

Fashion trends pass over quickly. What was trending five years back may be old fashioned now. This could be another reason for upgrading engagement - wedding rings. Many couples prefer to fashion their wedding bands into what's trending or into something that suits their style.  

If The Ring Is Worn Out

Your wedding ring can become damaged due to daily wear and tear. While you may get some damage repaired, recreating a new ring using the old parts is another solution. You could replace the gemstone or get an entirely new design according to the latest trend.

When To Upgrade Your Engagement or Wedding Ring?

Honestly, there’s no ‘perfect’ time to upgrade an engagement or wedding ring. It’s a personal choice that you must make as a couple. 
You may decide to upgrade your ring:  

  • Ahead of special occasions or celebrations. 
  • In case of damage
  • When jewelry prices are low
  • Milestone birthdays, anniversaries
  • Anytime other time
It's up to you and your partner to upgrade your wedding ring based on the needs, situation, and budget. 

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If you’re wondering how to upgrade your ring, the wedding ring upgrade ideas in the next section should help.

How To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

Now, you've decided why and when to go for the upgrade, let’s decide how to do it.

Polish & Refurbish the Stone

Too attached to transform your wedding ring completely, but want to enhance its looks? Simply get it polished and refurbish the center stone. This is the best solution if you don’t want to change your engagement or wedding ring. 

The scratches or minor damages to the precious stone due to everyday wear may make the ring less appealing.  Polishing and refining by a professional jeweler will make it look new again without changing its originality. 


If you want to give your wedding ring a major upgrade, you could recustomize it. You could change the center stone from diamond to emerald or blue sapphire, change the old setting, add a pop of color to your ‘colorless’ wedding ring, and much more. 

Customizing your wedding ring is a great way to express your love. By choosing their favorite stone or color to customize your wedding ring, you’ll communicate your affection. You could even engrave your partner’s name on the ring. How romantic! 

Modify The Size

Just like your wedding, your wedding ring is a commitment - you’ll have it for life. Keeping this commitment becomes difficult if your ring doesn’t fit anymore. Though you could just resize the ring to make it more comfortable, a little polishing or a touch-up with minor upgrades like adding surrounding stones is also possible.

Upgrade to an Entirely New Ring

If no amount of modifications can turn your old engagement ring into something you’d like, trading it in for an entirely new one could offer a solution. This may be difficult if you have emotional ties with your original wedding ring but it could be a great way to start a new chapter in your life. You can mark it as a new beginning.

If you want to know more about how to pick an engagement ring, check out this detailed guide.  But then what about the old ring?

princess cut engagement ring

What To Do With An Old Ring After Upgrading?

The answer is pretty simple - do whatever you want to do with it. Some suggestions include:

Selling the ring

You know how expensive wedding rings are. They come with a hefty price tag so sell your old ring and get a newer one made in its place. You could even upgrade the diamonds. 

Restore the ring

Wedding rings hold deep sentimental value for many couples. If you are one of them and you’re unable to part with your original wedding band, you could simply preserve it as an heirloom for future generations. Alternatively, you could wear it on a different finger, so it’s always with you, or use the stone in your new ring design. 

Choosing to upgrade your wedding ring may be a big decision for you as a couple. Certainly, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sit together and discuss thoroughly when and how to upgrade it, and your budget, etc. If you decide to go for the upgrade, get your hands on these amazing wedding ring upgrading ideas and preserve their value and your bond forever!

Looking for Upgrading your wedding ring? 

If you decide to upgrade your ring, look for professionals like those at Dolphin Galleries. Share your ideas for ring upgrades with our experts and get your wedding ring upgraded your way.

Steve Schlag

Owner of Dolphin Galleries, Art & Jewelry Expert.

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