8 Best Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Designs for Stylish Women

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8 Best Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Designs for Stylish Women

8 Best Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Designs for Stylish Women

Did you love collecting pebbles and seashells at the riverside or beach? This childish pleasure stays with us forever. What about the curiosity of seeing extraordinary sea creatures - the dancing dolphin, quirky octopus, hard-rock turtle, and many more? Going back to these memories reminds us of sunny, sandy vibes and beautiful ocean life.  

Jewelry designers at Dolphin Galleries had these memories in mind when they created our ocean-inspired jewels. Not only will these artistic jewelry pieces keep reminding you of your love of the ocean, but they also guarantee modern appeal regardless of what you wear or where you go.  

Without further ado, let’s explore our range of ocean-inspired jewelry that has adorned our customers for decades. 

Beautiful Sea Jewelry the Ultimate Adornment:

All our jewelry pieces are exclusive, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a fun and colorful starfish, a piece that lasts an eternity, or something that resonates with your personality, you’ll find it in our collection.  

Are you ready to dive in?

Dolphin Jewelry:

How can you fail to find inspiration in the playfulness, liveliness, and beauty of this innocent sea creature? Just like this creature, the jewelry inspired by dolphins is very popular. 

From dolphin rings and bracelets to necklaces, there’s an abundance of charming dolphin jewelry for you to choose from. The creativity of this ocean jewelry is in a league of its own. 

Whether you wear the pieces to some special event or your workplace, our elegant dolphin jewelry makes a unique style statement. Our dolphin-inspired jewelry designs are ideal for those filled with affection and joy who want to flaunt their charismatic personalities. Dolphin jewelry designs will make an ideal gift for your mother, wife, sister, or girlfriend.

dolphin jewelry

Crab Jewelry:

Many people are fascinated by crabs, and why not? These are the most resourceful, adaptable, and resilient creatures. Crabs symbolize strength, acuity, and objectivity. They teach us not to panic in stressful situations but rather to be firm and decisive. Above all, crabs are considered a good omen in many cultures.  

The significance of this ocean creature ensures its place as a popular ocean-inspired piece of jewelry design. At Dolphin Galleries, we have a separate fanbase for crab jewelry. Our collection of jewelry pieces is unique. The most desirable jewelry in this category is the gold crab pendant. If gold is not to your taste, you can also buy crab jewelry in a different metal, such as white gold and silver.  

Turtle Jewelry:

Sea turtles and tortoises have special significance in both Feng Shui and Christianity. They are often considered sacred and are known to bring abundance and wealth. These symbols are considered good luck in many cultures, and people wear sea turtle jewelry to welcome abundance and luck.

turtle jewelry

Surely, no one would want to miss such an opportunity! At Dolphin Galleries, our emphasis is on designing charismatic turtle jewelry in the form of pendants, rings, and bracelets. 

Whether you’re buying for yourself or to gift your loved ones, our turtle jewelry will make your day. Pick a piece from our collection, and you’ll fall in love with our designer turtles.  

Octopus Jewelry:

As peculiar as these creatures may seem, each of us is drawn to this majestic ocean dweller. Be it their limbs, or their head, the octopus is distinctive, and so is our octopus jewelry collection!  

We have octopus jewelry for both men and women. We loved the idea that men and octopuses are similar in their independence. This inspired us to come up with our exclusive octopus jewelry collection for men. Women can choose to wear octopus jewelry to flaunt personality traits such as strength, confidence, focus, and regeneration. We have pearl octopus jewelry, gold and silver octopus jewelry, and much more.  

Sand Dollar Jewelry:

Known as the ‘currency of the sea’, sand dollars have spiritual significance and are often considered mermaid coins. Their coin shape fascinates us. A coin-like pendant shining in the middle of the chest looks fantastic.  

Sand dollar jewelry trends among women because it signifies birth. If you break open a sand dollar shell, you’ll find five dove-shaped pieces. As we all know, the dove is a symbol of goodwill and peace. So, if you are a peace-lover or want to wish your loved one goodwill, sand dollar jewelry is your best bet.  

Seahorse Jewelry:

Another oceanic charm that deserves a place in your closet is our seahorse jewelry. Whatever you wear, from vintage to casual or artsy, you will find a jewelry piece to complement your outfit. Whether you are planning a weekend party or a client’s meet, our designer seahorse charms will steal the show.  

The seahorse symbolizes strength and power, which is why this jewelry has lately become a trend among the youth. In earlier times, sailors wore seahorse jewelry for good luck and protection, and this belief persists today.

seahorse jewelry

Starfish Jewelry:

“Twinkle twinkle li’l star, don a starfish to show who you are”. What’s more enchanting than representing a star with a star? A bloodless, brainless creature that is still beautiful, a starfish is one of the most captivating ocean creatures.  

Like the starfish that can live for up to 35 years, the charm of our starfish jewelry won’t fade with the years. From the man in the street to celebrities, our starfish-inspired jewelry pieces are loved by all. Turn heads wherever you are when you wear our unique pieces.  

Our wide collection of starfish jewelry comprises necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. The designs are unique and one-fit-for-all, no matter what you wear or where you’re headed.  

Whale Tail Jewelry:

Bring home your good luck charm and see your life transform in the blink of an eye! Such is the impact of our whale tail jewelry. For centuries, men and women have worn whale tail jewelry. These pieces symbolize strength, good luck, power, unity, and protection. Celebrities like Meghan Markle couldn’t resist the significance and charm of this beautiful jewelry.  

If you consider the whale your spirit animal or would want to bring its significance into your life, try our designer whale tail jewelry. From pendants to rings and earrings, we have a wide assortment of astonishing whale tail charms.  

The Takeaway:

While it’s true that jewelry pieces add to the beauty of the wearer, not every jewelry design is just for adornment. All our ocean-inspired jewelry symbolizes the mystic powers and significance that each of these creatures has represented for centuries. Just visit our online store to see how vast our jewelry world is! 

At Dolphin Galleries, we not only deal in oceanic jewelry but other types of jewelry, too, including flower-inspired jewelry, engagement rings, Hawaiian jewelry, motion jewelry, and much more.

Steve Schlag

Owner of Dolphin Galleries, Art & Jewelry Expert.

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