Ideas for Ring Holders for a Hawaiian Wedding

Ideas for Ring Holders for a Hawaiian Wedding

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When planning a Hawaiian wedding, every detail counts. One important detail that often gets overlooked is the ring holder. A ring holder is not only a practical item but also a decorative one that can add to the overall theme of the wedding. Here are some ideas for ring holders for a Hawaiian wedding.

Traditional Hawaiian Ring Holders

Incorporating traditional Hawaiian elements into your wedding can make it feel more authentic. Here are some traditional Hawaiian ring holders:

Lei Ring Holders

A lei is a garland made of flowers or other materials that is often given as a symbol of love and appreciation. Using a lei as a ring holder is a beautiful and traditional way to hold your wedding rings. You can choose a fragrant flower lei, a seashell lei, or a combination of both.

Shell Ring Holders

Shells are a common motif in Hawaiian culture, representing the ocean and the abundance of life it holds. Using a seashell as a ring holder is a simple yet elegant way to incorporate this element into your wedding. You can choose a large, decorative shell or a smaller one that is more practical to carry.

Wooden Ring Holders

Wood is another traditional material in Hawaiian culture, often used for carvings and other decorative items. A wooden ring holder can add a rustic touch to your wedding while also incorporating this important element of Hawaiian culture.

DIY Ideas for Ring Holders for a Hawaiian Wedding

If you're feeling crafty, there are plenty of DIY options for ring holders that can add a personal touch to your wedding:

Beach-Inspired Ring Holders

If you're getting married on the beach, why not use the beach itself as inspiration for your ring holder? You can create a ring holder out of sand, seashells, and other beachy materials, or choose a small, decorative beach bucket or shell container to hold your rings.

Tropical Flower Ring Holders

Tropical flowers are a common sight in Hawaii, and using them as a ring holder can add a pop of color to your wedding. You can choose a single, large flower like a hibiscus or plumeria, or create a bouquet of smaller flowers to hold your rings.

Driftwood Ring Holders

Driftwood is another beachy material that can add a rustic touch to your wedding. You can choose a piece of driftwood that is large enough to hold your rings, or create a small holder out of several pieces of driftwood glued together.

Personalized Ring Holders for Hawaiian Weddings

If you want to add a personal touch to your ring holder, there are several options for customization:

Monogrammed Ring Holders

A monogrammed ring holder is a classic choice that can be used long after the wedding is over. You can choose a wooden or metal holder and have your initials or wedding date engraved on it.

Ring Holders with Hawaiian Symbols

There are several symbols in Hawaiian culture that represent love, unity, and other important values. Adding these symbols to your ring holder can add a deeper meaning to your wedding. Some examples include the honu (turtle), which represents longevity and peace, and the maile leaf, which represents love and respect.

Engraved Ring Holders

If you want to add a special message or quote to your ring holder, consider having it engraved. You can choose a metal or wooden holder and have your favorite quote, song lyric, or other meaningful message engraved on it.

Unique Ring Holder Ideas for a Hawaiian Wedding

If you're looking for something truly unique, here are some ideas:

Ring Bearer Pillows with Hawaiian Prints

A ring bearer pillow is a classic choice for holding wedding rings, but you can add a Hawaiian twist by choosing a pillow with a Hawaiian print. You can choose a print that matches your wedding colors or go for something more traditional like a hibiscus or pineapple print.

Hawaiian Music Instrument Ring Holders

If you're a music lover, why not incorporate your favorite instrument into your ring holder? You can choose a ukulele, a guitar, or another instrument and use it as a holder for your rings.

Ring Holders with Sand and Sea Glass

If you want to incorporate the beach into your wedding in a subtle way, consider using sand and sea glass as a ring holder. You can choose a decorative jar or container and fill it with sand and sea glass, then place your rings on top.

High-End Hawaiian Jewelry from Dolphin Galleries

If you're looking for high-end Hawaiian jewelry to wear on your wedding day, Dolphin Galleries has a wide selection of options:

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