3 Stunning Art Styles for the Modern Home

3 Stunning Art Styles for the Modern Home

Art is a journey of perspective. Each style is unique to the creator and the beholder alike- all a conversation to be had over coffee, a glass of wine, gathered with friends. Art is the finishing touch in a home. It’s what makes each room come alive. It’s what says “Come in. Have a seat. Welcome to my home.”


Realism is an art style known for its realistic appearance. At first glance, the subject is captured with space and depth to create a realistic perspective. Mona Lisa is a famous example of Realism, painted in the early 1500’s during the Italian Renaissance.

Alexei Biturskiy "The Crown"

A superb example of a modern-day realist artist is Alexei Butirskiy. His painting titled “The Crown” exemplifies his exquisite use of color as if the viewer is standing on the street corner at dusk, chilled by the evening air, staring into the warm glow of the room.

Thomas Arvid "In God We Trust"

At first look, Thomas Arvid’s “In God We Trust” appears to be a photograph. A prolonged inspection will identify the exceptional precision of his steady hand in this realistic and impressive painting of wine, his specialty.

Jia Lu "Departures"

Jia Lu’s “Departure” encompasses the power of emotion and the human spirit of a young woman, silenced in solitude and reflection. 


Josef Kote "Sunny Days"

Impressionism was modeled after an “impression”- a blink of perspective, using less linear techniques and instead focusing on capturing light and escaping realistic depictions and symmetry. Impressionism dates back to the 1860’s, originating in Paris, France eventually influencing Europe and the United States. This art style is delightfully enveloped in Josef Kote’s “Sunny Days.” Bold colors contrast against sand and water. This painting will make you crave the salty air and the gentle massage of the waves at your feet.

Anne Packard "Cape Light"

Anne Packard captures her impression of the waters of Cape Cod in “Cape Light.” Inspired by a sequence of hardships and tragedy, Packard paints a seascape of light and depth in her contemporary art.

3. Expressionism

Energetic, bold, messy- expressionistic paintings portray their process with a near rebellion. With the fling of the brush, a lack of planning and left to chance, expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol strove to incorporate emotions into visual art- free from rules or logic.

Craig Alan "Marilyn Monroe Sultry"

Expressionistic art arose from a desire for emotional autonomy apart from the anxious surrounding world.  Craig Alan is a modern artist with an obvious passion and unconventional style. Inspired by a birds-eye view photograph from his mother’s balcony, his technique aspires to replicate celebrity faces, as in his portrait of Marilyn Monroe called “Sultry.”

Petras Lukosius "#0294"

Cubism is a form of abstract, expressionistic art- identified by form, color, shapes- poetry in art. Expressive in action, Petras Lukosius is a relevant example of subjective motion and a diverse palette in his painting #0294

Each room in a home conveys a message. Choosing art is a personal endeavor and discovering the “story” each room will tell can be daunting. Allow yourself to be invited into the emotions the art portrays. Don’t overanalyze. What do you feel when you see a painting? How would it add to the elements of the room? What is it about the art that you love? Art isn’t solely for visual appeal. Art is an experience. Let it be a memorable one!