Question About a Past Purchase? 

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I purchased a Teufel spinner ring and it now needs to be repaired or resized.  Where do I send it?

You may send your ring to be repaired directly to Teufel. Please click here for instructions.


Can you provide a current appraisal for jewelry or artwork that I have purchased?

Unfortunately, we can’t. Appraisals for items for personal or insurance purposes must be done by an appraiser in your area.


I’m interested in selling a piece of jewelry or art that I purchased. How do I go about doing that?

We do not purchase but refer our clients to Ebay or Art.com to either list their merchandise or get some idea as to value.


Can I get a certificate of authenticity for a piece of artwork that I purchased?

Yes, but only if it was purchased in the last twelve months.


Looking to make a purchase?

Read the FAQ below for the fastest response!


For the instant price quotes: Go to the product you want and click the button that says "click for price"

This will give you an instant price quote via email. If you email us for the price through our form on this page it may take up to 24 hours for us to respond.