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Hawaiian Rings

Hawaiian Rings - A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Decades ago, when Queen Victoria gifted Princess Liliuokalani a Hawaiian bracelet, a legacy was created. A tradition of Hawaiian jewelry, which lives on to this day in many evolved forms of Hawaiian rings, earrings, and necklaces.

A back in the day, only the royals and the affluent could get their hands on these exquisite ornaments. Dolphin Galleries bring you affordable Hawaiian rings which make for quite cherished gifts and collectables.

Grab your piece of Hawaii at Dolphin Galleries

Dolphin Galleries offers a superlative collection of Hawaiian rings that will give you the feels of owning a piece of Hawaii. We specialize in creating quality customized Hawaiian rings incorporating various pieces of Hawaiian territory.

They are perfect for engagement, wedding, graduation, birthdays or any special occasion. If you are looking for something outside a regular ring, a traditional Hawaiian ring is your answer.

Hawaiian Gold Rings

The artists at dolphin galleries have curated an elaborate collection of shimmer in gold. With the yellow metal metamorphosing into beautiful white and rose golds, we bring you an array of designs.

Pick from a selection of motion rings, flower rings, and sea treasure rings. Easy customizations are available in 14K and 18K gold accented with precious stones like diamonds, opals, and various responsibly sourced pearls. The black pearl especially is a true gift from the ocean and extremely rare. You can also add your personal touch by having it engraved.

Hawaiian Flower Rings

Hawaii is a full-bodied experience of hues. The native Hawaiian flowers significantly contribute to this enthralling beauty. Although there is flora blooming across the land, Plumeria and Hibiscus are the ones we hold most special.

Plumeria is one flower most commonly found all over the island and is the one we garland our guests with, representing positivity and hope. The yellow hibiscus, amongst the seven varieties that grow here, is the state flower. It stands for royalty, power and respect.

Hence, when we say our Hawaiian themed rings are much more than what they stand for, you know we mean business.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring

Of our collection of wooden rings, Hawaiian Koa wood rings are very special. The Koa tree grows only in Hawaii and is a prized part of our culture. It is a high quality textured wood that has ancient significance.

Koa, meaning brave and fearless, makes for a lightweight ring that adds special meaning. Because this tree is so special to us and because we understand that you are also looking for something distinct, we don’t mass produce these rings.

When you place an order with us, we can help you make the ring more personal with engraving. You can also customize the inlay for width and with embedded diamonds or other precious gems.

You can pair it with other woods for a contrasting look and add in sea elements like turtles and dolphins. Made-to-order and tucked inside lightweight yet strong titanium bands, Hawaiian Koa wood rings are comfortable to wear for men and women alike.

Find a Handcrafted Ring that is You

Should you have any questions choosing the right ring, you can always reach out to us. We are more than happy to find the perfect ring for you – an enduring design and a timeless beauty - one that will excite you. Every one of our customers has always found themselves saying they found a ring that is much more than what it stood for.

Come, pick the ring which will have people ask you where you got it.