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Hawaiian Jewelry- Nature's Bounty Strung together

The tradition of Hawaiian jewelry dates back to the Victorian era. The first Hawaiian bracelet, handcrafted by a local Honolulu jeweler Christian Eckart, was a gift from Queen Victoria to the Hawaiian princess Lili'uokalani.

This gift was a symbol of an enduring relationship between the two nations.

Princess Lili'uokalani, enchanted with its style, made it a part of the culture back home in Hawaii by making similar bracelets for her family's royal members. The intricate design and old English engravings translated into a prayer, and became a symbol of Hawaiian culture.

The style has grown in popularity ever since.

The jewelry, inspired by the elements of nature, makes for a timeless gift. Dolphin Galleries brings you these opulent Hawaiian charms at affordable prices.

Memories of Sunshine And Sea Breeze, of Plumeria And Hibiscus

From old English engravings and enamel, Hawaiian jewelry designs have come a long way to include local motifs. Several local Hawaiian jewelry designers have imbibed various elements of this idyllic island into the jewelry.

This magical island serves as an excellent inspiration to our artisans via its beautiful flora, fauna and landscape. It has become a treasured possession among the hippies and niche admirers alike.

What Jewelry Is Hawaii Known For? / What Is So Unique About Hawaiian Jewelry?

Hawaiian themed jewelry has a lot to offer. From Oahu island pendants to hibiscus rings, to dolphin necklaces, Hawaiian jewelry embodies the Hawaiian soul. This quality is what makes it so unique. It brings with it the spirit of aloha, the vibrant colors and the songs of the waves. No wonder it is a treasure trove of the sea-shells and the sandy beaches.

You can find various themes like tortoises, crabs, exotic flowers and island shapes in the form of jewelry. These precious pieces of jewelry make for warm remembrances, often translating into heirlooms.

The Magic Of Hawaii At The Local Hawaiian Jewelry Store

When it comes to souvenirs to bring back from Hawaii, finding the right Hawaiian designer jewelry is a must. Walking into the Dolphin Galleries jewelry store in Hawaii is a treat for the eyes. Our Hawaiian jewelry store helps you find all essential fashion accessory you want.

Witness the local jewelers outdoing themselves with each piece.

These elegant pieces are a true harmony of elements of nature with precious stones and colored gold. Multi-colored gold like rose, white, yellow and green gave a new expression to the traditional Hawaiian jewelry.

The simplicity and earthiness of the designs impart great elegance to the custom Hawaiian jewelry. The Hawaiian folk, for one, share a unique love for each other and the mystical island. This love affair reflects in the curations of our jewelry artists and the wearer. This piece of sparkle is certainly going to turn a lot of heads.

Because Your Queen Deserves It

The roots of Hawaiian jewelry lie in the yesteryear tale of a gift from one Queen to another. To this day, our jewelry artists create classics to match your Queen's allure. We believe that's the unique quality of Hawaiian jewelry. Drop by Dolphin galleries to pick out one the best Hawaii-themed jewelry for your special lady.

Diamonds may have been her best friends until now, but that's going to change. Because when diamonds come together with elements of nature and holiday vibes, it's a totally different story. Catch this story come alive in the form of turtle diamond rings, diamond and ruby hibiscus pendants, dolphin diamond necklaces and lot more.

We will help you pick out a subtle and distinctive piece that speaks to your beloved. Choose from 14K gold or 18K or titanium and diamonds, opals, freshwater pearls and many more. Have you met the octopus peach pearl and diamond necklace by our artist Denny Wong?

We understand that you put your heart in finding a perfect gift for your beloved. That is why we put our heart into making this Hawaiian jewelry collection.

A Perfect Gift for all occasions

We also have several soulful offerings for the gentleman. You can visit our website to check out the various titanium bands paired with endogenous woods. The rings can be customized to match your style. Choose from the classic old English scroll or raised lettering and have your ring engraved.

Easy shipping options are also available. They also make for wonderful anniversary presents and are offered at a very fair price. Every one of our pieces has a story to tell.

Each design is unique - and connects to you in a special way.

Our jewelry continues the warm tradition of these paradisiacal islands and will always be your favorite keepsake. Take home a memory of Hawaii and make it forever yours. Just like the first Hawaiian bracelet, the "Hoomanao Mau", this will also be a lasting remembrance.