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8 carat diamond ring

Our diamond gurus have handpicked the links below to hook you up with killer deals on 8 carat diamond bling. With their fancy-pants expertise in all things sparkly, they've sifted through the riff-raff to bring you only the crème de la crème. So you can bet your bottom dollar that these selections offer bang for your buck.

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How do we save you so much money on a 8 ct engagement ring?

We have analyzed a tremendous amount of diamond data and consulted with experts in the field. Here are the major trends that lead to the cheapest 8 ct diamond engagement ring without sacrificing any noticable quality.

Here are the 3 major factors that save you money.

  • $184,410 Cash Savings

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  • $310,260 Cash Savings

  • $118,630 Cash Savings 


$184,410 cheaper with these tips

Save Big Bucks by Buying Your 8-Carat Diamond Ring Online!

When it comes to diamond shopping, it's clear as day that traditional retailers are getting a run for their money from online platforms like Blue Nile and James Allen. These virtual bling bazaars offer prices that can make your jaw drop - we're talking up to a whopping 40% less than what you'd find in those fancy brick-and-mortar stores. It's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a digital rainbow!

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$310,260 cheaper with these tips

The Pricey Impact of a Blingy 8 Carat Diamond Ring's Crystal Clearness.

What is Clarity?

Don't break the bank on your bling; go for a diamond in the VS2-SI1 clarity sweet spot. You'll save a bundle, up to a whopping $undefined, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Our Recommendations

  • Get ready to save some serious cash, folks! We've got a deal that'll make your wallet do a happy dance. How does saving up to a whopping $310,260 on your dream ring sound? Yeah, you heard that right! And here's the secret sauce: just pick a diamond from the VS2-SI1 clarity range. Boom! Affordability and quality rolled into one shiny package. Now, I know what you're thinking. How can something so sparkly and glamorous be affordable? Well, my friend, it's all about finding that sweet spot. You see, diamonds in the VS2-SI1 clarity range are like the hidden gems of the jewelry world. They may not be flawless, but hey, who needs perfection when you can have a little character, right? So, let's break it down. VS2-SI1 clarity means you're getting a diamond that's still pretty darn clear, with just a few teeny-tiny imperfections.

  • VS2 diamonds are like the holy grail of bling, giving you the best bang for your buck when it comes to clarity and price. It's like finding a unicorn that also happens to be a bargain.

  • Looking for a gem that's worth its weight in gold? Well, look no further, my friend! SI1 diamonds are the real deal, offering you a bang for your buck like no other. These little beauties may not have the flashy VS2 label, but let me tell you, they can hold their own in the beauty department. And the best part? They won't empty your wallet faster than a kid in a candy store. So, if you're after incredible value without compromising on style, SI1 diamonds are the way to go!

  •  FL
  •  VS1
  •  VS2
  •  SI1

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Don't Buy

FL - Diamond

Cost: $761,137

This diamond is flawless, but it feels like it's too much considering the price.

Savings: You could save $286,533 - $332,807 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Sometimes Buy

VS1 - Diamond

Cost: $499,583

If you are able to find a fantastic deal on a VS1, that's wonderful. However, the clarity levels that come after that provide the ideal balance between price and quality.

Savings: You could save $24,979 - $71,253 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Cost: $474,604

Total Savings: $24,979 - $217,339

If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, then look no more than this diamond clarity. Most of these diamonds will look flawless to you because their imperfections are invisible to the naked eye.

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Sometimes Buy

SI1 - Diamond

Cost: $450,874

Total Savings: $48,709 - $241,069

You won't find a better deal on diamond clarity than this one. Just remember, not all SI1 diamonds are the same. While some may not impress you, many are truly outstanding and could easily be mistaken for a VS2.

$118,630 cheaper with these tips

We save you up to $118,630 by choosing the right diamond color.

What is Color?

Diamond color grading takes into account the amount of yellow tint present, and diamonds that display a whiter, more transparent shade are typically priced higher.

Our Recommendations

  • Don't be a fool and pass up on the chance to pocket some serious cash, all while still getting your hands on some top-notch bling. We're talking about diamonds in the G-H color range, where you can save a whopping $118,630 without skimping on quality.

  • If you want a halo or three stone diamond ring setting. Do not buy a center diamond rated I or J. You will notice the yellow tint in the center stone due to the smaller diamonds relative color. 

  • D-F
  • G
  • H
  • I

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Sometimes Buy

D-F - Color

Cost: $541,049

This diamond is colorless, meaning it has no hints of yellow, you can find these at a good price, but it is not as common.

Savings: You could save $91,662 - $118,626 with a G or H colored diamond

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G - Color

Cost: $449,386

These are near-colorless with only slight traces of color, making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd really have to look closely to notice any color

Savings: You could save $26,963 with an H colored diamond

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H - Color

Cost: $422,423

Total Savings: $26,963 - $118,626

These are near-colorless with only slightly more noticable hint of color, further making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd need to have a trained eye to see the color flaw in this one without having a colorless diamond next to it.

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Sometimes Buy

I - Color

Cost: $397,078

Total Savings: $52,309 - $143,971

These begin to have a bit more noticable hint of color especially when next to colorless diamonds. These still have unnoticable color if placed on a solitaire ring, but we do not recommend these on a halo ring.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are Cheaper and Bigger. 

Save big bucks or score a massive rock without breaking the bank by going for a lab grown diamond. Get ready to be blown away by the jaw-dropping price difference!

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9.5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond


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Why buy a 8 carat diamond ring with our partners?

Our partners, who have mastered the art of diamonds, are on a mission to bring you the most fabulous engagement rings at prices that will make your jaw drop. And let's not forget about their customer service, which is so good it's practically legendary. So, if you decide to go all out and snag an 8 carat diamond ring from them, not only will you be saving a boatload of cash, but you'll also be treated like royalty throughout the whole buying process. It's a win-win situation, my friend.


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Create Your Own 8 ct engagement ring

Create your very own 8 carat bling-bling and show off your unique style! Designing a custom diamond ring is not only a savvy move for your wallet, but it also gives you the power to choose from top-notch jewelers like Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and Blue Nile. You'll be the mastermind behind every aspect of the ring, from the diamond's shape to the band's fabulousness. It's like being the Picasso of jewelry, baby!

Consult with an Engagement Ring Specialist

Need help getting a grip on that bling-bling 8 carat diamond ring of yours? Well, fret not, my friend, because we've got the experts in the house. Just hit that button down below, and we'll hook you up with the perfect virtual appointment to help you choose the snazziest setting for your precious rock.

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How much is a 8ct engagement ring worth?

The average price of an 8 carat diamond ring is $331,200. However, the price range for such rings can vary from $179,539 to $691,943.

How big is a 8-carrat diamond ring?

An 8 ct diamond engagement ring has a diameter of approximately 12.4mm. This size is noticeably larger than a 7.5 carat diamond ring, which has a diameter of around 12.1mm. On the other hand, it appears slightly smaller than a 8.5 carat diamond ring, which has a diameter of approximately 12.7mm.

What does a 8ct diamond ring look like like on a hand?

An 8-carat diamond ring is quite large and eye-catching when worn on a hand. It has a width of approximately [width in mm], which occupies [percentage] of the finger's width. The diamond's size and brilliance make it a stunning and luxurious choice for those who prefer a bold and glamorous look.

What is the price of a 8ct engagement ring?

The price of an 8-carrat diamond ring can range from $179,539 to $691,943.

Is a 8-carat ring good enough?

Yes, an 8 ct diamond engagement ring is considered to be of high quality and highly desirable. The larger carat size adds to the overall beauty and value of the diamond, making it an impressive and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Is a 8-carrat diamond ring big?

Yes, an 8 ct diamond engagement ring is considered big. The average carat weight for a diamond engagement ring is about 1.2 carats, so an 8 carat diamond is significantly larger. An 8 carat diamond is highly noticeable and eye-catching. It is considered a luxurious and extravagant choice for a diamond ring.

What does a 8ct engagement ring weigh?

A 8-carrat diamond ring weighs 1.6 grams.

Should I get a 8-carat ring?

An 8ct diamond ring is a luxurious choice because of its impressive size, rarity, and desirability.

Is a 8-carrat diamond ring too big?

An 8ct engagement ring is considered quite large. It is larger than the average center diamond size.

Is a 8 ct diamond engagement ring small?

An 8 carat diamond ring is considered large. The size of a diamond is determined by its carat weight, and an 8 carat diamond is significantly larger than the average diamond size. It will definitely make a statement on the finger and be quite noticeable.