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8.5 carat diamond ring

Our expert diamond specialists have carefully selected a collection of trustworthy online vendors that provide high-quality diamonds at significantly lower prices. Take a look at the links provided below to discover exquisite 8.5-carrat diamond rings that will captivate you without straining your budget.

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How do we save you so much money on a 8.5 ct engagement ring?

We have analyzed a tremendous amount of diamond data and consulted with experts in the field. Here are the major trends that lead to the cheapest 8.5ct diamond ring without sacrificing any noticable quality.

Here are the 3 major factors that save you money.

  • $188,880 Cash Savings

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  • $655,970 Cash Savings

  • $56,420 Cash Savings 


$188,880 cheaper with these tips

Save Big on an 8.5 Carat Diamond Ring by Purchasing Online.

Online diamond retailers such as Blue Nile and James Allen consistently provide diamonds at significantly lower prices, often up to 40% less, compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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$655,970 cheaper with these tips

How the Clarity of an 8.5 Carat Diamond Ring Affects Its Price

What is Clarity?

Choosing a diamond with a clarity grade falling within the VS2-SI1 range allows you to potentially save a significant amount of money on the overall cost of your ring, while still ensuring its quality remains uncompromised.

Our Recommendations

  • Choose a diamond with a clarity range of VS2-SI1 to guarantee both value and quality. This selection could potentially save you up to $655,970 on the overall cost of your ring.

  • Looking for the ultimate diamond deal? Look no further than VS2, where you'll find the ideal balance of clarity and affordability.

  • SI1 diamonds provide a budget-friendly option compared to VS2 diamonds, enabling you to maximize your investment without compromising on sparkle and shine.

  •  FL
  •  VS1
  •  VS2
  •  SI1

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Don't Buy

FL - Diamond

Cost: $870,392

This diamond is flawless, but it feels like it's too much considering the price.

Savings: You could save $644,681 - $666,688 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Sometimes Buy

VS1 - Diamond

Cost: $237,590

If you are able to find a fantastic deal on a VS1, that's wonderful. However, the clarity levels that come after that provide the ideal balance between price and quality.

Savings: You could save $11,879 - $33,886 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Cost: $225,711

Total Savings: $11,879 - $565,554

If you want to make the most of your money, this diamond clarity is unbeatable. These diamonds appear flawless to the naked eye as any imperfections are completely invisible.

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Sometimes Buy

SI1 - Diamond

Cost: $214,425

Total Savings: $23,165 - $576,840

You won't find a better deal on diamond clarity than this one. However, it's important to keep in mind that not all SI1 diamonds are identical in appearance. While some may not meet your specific preferences, many of them are truly breathtaking and could easily be mistaken for a higher quality diamond, like a VS2.

$56,420 cheaper with these tips

We save you up to $56,420 by choosing the right diamond color.

What is Color?

When it comes to diamond color, the presence of yellow tint plays a significant role in determining its value, with whiter and more transparent diamonds carrying a higher price tag.

Our Recommendations

  • Opting for a diamond within the G-H color range enables you to pocket a significant amount of savings, up to a whopping $56420, all while maintaining a high level of visible quality.

  • If you want a halo or three stone diamond ring setting. Do not buy a center diamond rated I or J. You will notice the yellow tint in the center stone due to the smaller diamonds relative color. 

  • D-F
  • G
  • H
  • I

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Sometimes Buy

D-F - Color

Cost: $257,310

This diamond is colorless, meaning it has no hints of yellow, you can find these at a good price, but it is not as common.

Savings: You could save $43,592 - $56,415 with a G or H colored diamond

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G - Color

Cost: $213,718

These are near-colorless with only slight traces of color, making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd really have to look closely to notice any color

Savings: You could save $12,823 with an H colored diamond

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H - Color

Cost: $200,895

Total Savings: $12,823 - $56,415

These are near-colorless with only slightly more noticable hint of color, further making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd need to have a trained eye to see the color flaw in this one without having a colorless diamond next to it.

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Sometimes Buy

I - Color

Cost: $188,841

Total Savings: $24,877 - $68,469

These begin to have a bit more noticable hint of color especially when next to colorless diamonds. These still have unnoticable color if placed on a solitaire ring, but we do not recommend these on a halo ring.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are Cheaper and Bigger. 

Choosing a lab grown diamond can lead to significant cost savings when purchasing a diamond ring. Moreover, you have the option to acquire a larger center diamond for the same amount of money or even at a lower price. Take a moment to compare the prices and see the notable difference.

Natural Diamond


Lab Grown


9.5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond


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Why buy a 8.5 carat diamond ring with our partners?

Our trusted partners have extensive experience in the diamond industry and are committed to providing customers with top-notch diamond engagement rings at the most affordable prices, accompanied by exceptional customer service. Purchasing an 8.5 carat diamond ring from any of our partners ensures significant savings and a delightful buying journey.


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Create Your Own 8.5 ct engagement ring

Designing a custom 8.5-carrat diamond ring allows you to create a unique piece that perfectly reflects the recipient's style and individuality. Not only that, but it's also a more cost-effective choice compared to buying from a regular store. You can find reputable industry leaders like Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and Blue Nile to assist you in this endeavor.

Consult with an Engagement Ring Specialist

Need help understanding your 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring? Look no further than the industry leaders. Simply click the button below, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect spot for your virtual appointment.

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How much is a 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring worth?

The average price of an 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring is $452,600. However, the price range for such rings can vary between $237,590 and $791,265.

How big is a 8.5-carrat diamond ring?

An 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring has a size of approximately 13.2mm in diameter. This makes it visibly larger than a 8 carat diamond ring, which is around 12.7mm in diameter. However, when compared to a 9 carat diamond ring, the difference is barely noticeable, as the 9ct diamond ring has a diameter of about 13.7mm.

What does a 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring look like like on a hand?

An 8.5-carat diamond ring on a hand would be quite large and eye-catching. The diamond itself would have a width of approximately X mm, occupying a significant portion of the finger's width. It would undoubtedly be a statement piece and a symbol of luxury.

What is the price of a 8.5 carat diamond ring?

The price of an 8.5ct diamond ring falls within the price range of $237,590-$791,265.

Is a 8.5-carrat diamond ring good enough?

An 8.5ct diamond ring is considered quite impressive. It is a substantial size and would likely be eye-catching. However, the overall quality and beauty of the diamond would also depend on factors such as its cut, clarity, and craftsmanship.

Is a 8.5ct diamond ring big?

Yes, an 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring is considered big. The average carat weight for a diamond engagement ring is about 1.2 carats, so an 8.5 carat diamond is significantly larger. It would definitely be noticeable and eye-catching. However, it is important to note that such a large diamond may be less common and could be more expensive.

What does a 8.5 ct diamond engagement ring weigh?

A 8.5-carrat diamond ring weighs 1.7 grams.

Should I get a 8.5-carat ring?

An 8.5ct diamond ring is a great choice if you want a larger and more valuable piece of jewelry. It will definitely stand out and make a statement. However, keep in mind that such a ring may be quite expensive and may not be suitable for everyday wear.

Is a 8.5-carat ring too big?

An 8.5ct engagement ring is considered large in size. It is often chosen by individuals who prefer a bold and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Is a 8.5-carat ring small?

An 8.5ct diamond ring is considered quite large. The size of the diamond will be noticeable and impressive on any finger. Additionally, the setting of the ring can further enhance the appearance of the diamond, making it appear even larger.