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9.5 carat diamond ring

Discover the enchantment of our curated collection of online jewelers, presenting exquisite diamonds that will ignite your heart's desire, all at prices that defy belief. Our team of experts has meticulously examined each link, guaranteeing you unparalleled value as you embark on your quest for a breathtaking 9.5 ct diamond engagement ring. Place your unwavering trust in our profound knowledge and indulge in a shopping experience that radiates confidence.

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How do we save you so much money on a 9.5 ct engagement ring?

We have analyzed a tremendous amount of diamond data and consulted with experts in the field. Here are the major trends that lead to the cheapest 9.5-carrat diamond ring without sacrificing any noticable quality.

Here are the 3 major factors that save you money.

  • $205,520 Cash Savings

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  • $396,490 Cash Savings

  • $151,590 Cash Savings 


$205,520 cheaper with these tips

Unearth Unbeatable Online Offers and Spare a Whopping $205520 on Your Enchanting 9.5 carat Diamond Ring.

When you explore the enchanting realms of online shopping, where Blue Nile and James Allen reign supreme, you unlock a treasure trove of unparalleled savings. Here, amidst the digital tapestry, customers are bestowed with the opportunity to embrace diamonds at prices that dance gracefully, up to 40% lower than those offered by their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

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$396,490 cheaper with these tips

The Clarity Grade of a 9.5 Carat Diamond Ring: Unveiling the Profound Influence on its Price.

What is Clarity?

Choose a dazzling diamond from the enchanting VS2-SI1 clarity range, and watch as the price of your ring gracefully descends, without compromising on its exquisite quality.

Our Recommendations

  • Find incredible savings on your ring investment by choosing a diamond with a clarity range of VS2-SI1. This exquisite selection has the potential to slash the total cost by a staggering $396,490, all while maintaining the utmost brilliance and excellence.

  • When it comes to discovering that flawless harmony between lucidity and affordability, VS2 diamonds reign supreme, unmatched by any other.

  • Seeking a wallet-friendly alternative? Opt for SI1 diamonds, a splendid option that exudes magnificence akin to VS2 gems, while costing significantly less.

  •  FL
  •  VS1
  •  VS2
  •  SI1

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Don't Buy

FL - Diamond

Cost: $972,664

This diamond is flawless and absolutely perfect, with no imperfections at all. However, considering its price, it is quite extravagant.

Savings: You could save $366,163 - $425,297 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Sometimes Buy

VS1 - Diamond

Cost: $638,422

If you find a really great deal on a VS1, that's awesome. However, the next clarity grades are shown to be the best in terms of affordability and value.

Savings: You could save $31,921 - $91,055 with a VS2, SI1, or SI2 diamond

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Cost: $606,501

Total Savings: $31,921 - $277,739

These diamonds are extremely beautiful, but we suggest choosing ones with slightly less clarity.

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Sometimes Buy

SI1 - Diamond

Cost: $576,176

Total Savings: $62,246 - $308,064

If you find a really great deal on a VS1, that's awesome. However, the next clarity grades are shown to be the best in terms of affordability and value.

$151,590 cheaper with these tips

We save you up to $151,590 by choosing the right diamond color.

What is Color?

The visibility of yellow tint in a diamond is used to determine its color grade, and diamonds that showcase a whiter, more transparent appearance tend to have a higher price.

Our Recommendations

  • Save a significant $151,590 without compromising on noticeable quality by opting for a dazzling diamond in the enchanting G-H color range.

  • If you want a halo or three stone diamond ring setting. Do not buy a center diamond rated I or J. You will notice the yellow tint in the center stone due to the smaller diamonds relative color. 

  • D-F
  • G
  • H
  • I

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Sometimes Buy

D-F - Color

Cost: $691,409

This diamond is colorless, meaning it has no hints of yellow, you can find these at a good price, but it is not as common.

*We recommend saving an average of $117,136 - $151,592 with a G or H colored diamond

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G - Color

Cost: $574,273

These are near-colorless with only slight traces of color, making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd really have to look closely to notice any color

*You can also save an average of $34,456 with an H colored diamond

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H - Color

Cost: $539,817

Total Savings: $34,456 - $151,592

These are near-colorless with only slightly more noticable hint of color, further making it an attractive choice for it's quality and price. You'd need to have a trained eye to see the color flaw in this one without having a colorless diamond next to it.

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Sometimes Buy

I - Color

Cost: $507,428

Total Savings: $66,845 - $183,981

These begin to have a bit more noticable hint of color especially when next to colorless diamonds. These still have unnoticable color if placed on a solitaire ring, but we do not recommend these on a halo ring.

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Lab Grown Diamonds are Cheaper and Bigger. 

Choosing a lab grown diamond allows you to embrace the chance of preserving a substantial sum of money when adorning your finger with a symbol of eternal love. Alternatively, you can bask in the glory of a more sizable centerpiece, radiating its brilliance without burdening your wallet. Behold the enchanting contrast in cost, my love.

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Lab Grown


9.5 Carat Lab Grown Diamond


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Why buy a 9.5 carat diamond ring with our partners?

For years, our beloved partners have immersed themselves in the enchanting world of diamonds, striving relentlessly to offer their cherished customers the most exquisite diamond engagement rings. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they have crafted a remarkable legacy of delivering unparalleled quality at the most affordable prices, all while providing an extraordinary level of customer care. Choosing to embark on this journey with them means not only acquiring a resplendent 9.5 carat diamond ring, but also embarking on a blissful voyage of savings and an unforgettable purchasing experience.


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Create Your Own 9.5 ct engagement ring

Crafting a bespoke 9.5-carrat diamond ring allows you to fashion a masterpiece that exquisitely mirrors the unique style and individuality of your beloved. Moreover, this personalized creation proves to be a more cost-effective alternative when compared to acquiring a ready-made piece from a conventional store. With esteemed names in the industry such as Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and Blue Nile within reach, you possess the power to govern every facet of your ring, from the captivating shape of the diamond to the alluring aesthetics of the band.

Consult with an Engagement Ring Specialist

If you need more help with a 9.5 carat diamond ring, rely on the top experts in the industry. Simply click the button below, and we'll assist you in choosing the best virtual appointment option for you.

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How much is a 9.5ct engagement ring worth?

A 9.5ct engagement ring is worth an average price of $308,300.

How big is a 9.5ct engagement ring?

A 9.5-carrat diamond ring has a diameter of 14.0mm. This makes it look visibly larger than the 9 carat diamond ring, which is 13.4mm in diameter. When compared to an 10 carat diamond ring, however, the difference is barely noticeable; as the 10ct diamond ring has a 14.5mm diameter.

What does a 9.5-carat ring look like like on a hand?

A 9.5ct diamond ring is quite large and eye-catching on a hand. It has a width of approximately 14.2mm, which means it takes up around 84.3% or almost the entire width of the finger.

What is the price of a 9.5-carat ring?

The price of a 9.5-carrat diamond ring is $308,278.

Is a 9.5 carat diamond ring good enough?

Yes, a 9.5ct engagement ring is considered to be of high quality and desirable. The larger carat weight adds to its overall value and makes it an impressive piece of jewelry. However, it's important to consider other factors such as the diamond's cut, clarity, and craftsmanship to determine the overall beauty and worth of the ring.

Is a 9.5ct diamond ring big?

Yes, a 9.5 carat diamond ring is considered very big. The average carat weight for a diamond engagement ring is about 1.2 carats, so a 9.5 carat diamond is significantly larger. A 9.5 carat diamond is highly noticeable and extremely eye-catching. It is considered a rare and luxurious choice, as it is well above average in size.

What does a 9.5ct diamond ring weigh?

A 9.5-carat ring weighs 1.9 grams.

Should I get a 9.5-carrat diamond ring?

A 9.5ct diamond ring is an excellent choice if you're looking for a larger and more valuable diamond. It will definitely stand out and make a statement. However, keep in mind that such a diamond is quite rare and may come with a higher price tag.

Is a 9.5ct engagement ring too big?

A 9.5-carrat diamond ring is considered quite large. It is larger than the average center diamond size.

Is a 9.5ct engagement ring small?

No, a 9.5-carrat diamond ring is not small. The carat weight of a diamond determines its size, and a 9.5 carat diamond is considered quite large. However, it's important to note that the perceived size of a diamond can also be influenced by other factors such as the cut, shape, and setting of the ring.