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If you’ve ever been to a beach city or state, such as Hawaii or Cape Town, you’ve probably seen people wearing Hawaiian jewelry and clam shell jewelry. These small, porcelain-like shells are durable and popularly used to design pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and much more. Clam shell jewelry is all about inexpensive yet pretty jewelry pieces. 

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Clam Shell Jewelry - History 

Clam shell jewelry is not new; it has been around for millennia. In fact, some of the earliest known pieces of jewelry are made from clam shells, dating back 100,000 years. Many cultures that existed 8000  years ago used different shells on burial grounds. The oldest known jewelry consists of two perforated beads made from the shells of the sea snail Nassarius gibbosulus. 

Shell ornaments, including shell pendants and clam necklaces were common during the Upper Paleolithic age (around 50,000 to40,000 years ago). 

Interestingly, cowrie shells were also used as a currency across different parts of the world. The shells were the most commonly used form of payment across major trading nations, including Africa, Asia, Oceania, and places throughout Europe. 

Clam Shell Necklaces and Pendants - Significance 

Humans have had an enduring fascination with shell jewelry, probably because of its many possible meanings and significance. 

In African countries like Senegal, sea shells are known to bring good luck. Many African tribes wear shell necklaces and pendants to protect their spirits. They also use them in spiritual ceremonies. 

Women wear clam shell necklace as it represents femininity and fertility. In African countries, it is believed that wearing shell jewelry helps women to conceive and give birth safely. 

For some, clam shell jewelry symbolizes persistence. This is because the pearl inside the clamshell takes years to form, denoting perseverance. A clamshell dream means you must sit still and do nothing, and a manifestation will happen. 

If you want something but you’re tired of waiting, a clamshell is a reminder that good things take time. 

Clamshells also symbolize secrecy -  it is good for those who have a hard time believing or trusting others. Clamshells symbolize the ‘unknown’ (what’s hidden) to you. 

The clamshell is also a symbol of flexibility and compassion. It teaches you to understand and empathize with people by putting yourself in their shoes. Wearers of clamshell necklaces and pendants are considered empathetic and often try to resolve situations by compromising.

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