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Some Common Questions  
I’m interested in selling a piece of jewelry or art that I purchased. How do I go about doing that?

We do not purchase but refer our clients to ebay or to either list their merchandise or get some idea as to value.

Can I get a certificate of authenticity for a piece of artwork that I purchased?

Yes, but only if it was purchased in the last twelve months.

How do I clean my Teufel jewelry and keep it spinning perfectly?

If you wear your ring on a regular basis, we highly recommend that you clean it on a regular basis as well. In order to keep it effortless, we suggest using a small glass jar with a lid.... You can use any commercial jewelry cleaner or a solution of 1 part Mr. Clean and 1 part water. Simply put the cleaning solution in the jar and keep it in the bathroom. Each night, just drop your ring into the solution and cover the jar. Let it soak overnight. Then rinse THOROUGHLY under running water in the morning. If the ring is not rinsed thoroughly, the cleaning solution can dry around the bearing and this will most definitely slow down the movement. Be sure the ring is completely submerged in the solution and be sure to keep it covered so the solution does not evaporate. If you are going to wear your ring immediately, the bearing mechanism will dry as you wear it and it spins. If you are not going to wear it immediately, please be sure to set it on a towel in order to wick the water out of the bearing mechanism. We have found that when our rings are exposed to air & water for a prolonged time, it causes mineral deposits from the water to form on the bearing.

The other culprit could be clothing fibers. When our rings are worn with very fuzzy clothing such as sweaters, the tiny fibers can slowly become entangled around the ball bearing. This happens very often during the winter months. Check around the bearing mechanism to see if you can see any fibers and pull them out with tweezers. If allowed to become entangled over a long period of time, they form a knot around the bearing and the ring must come back to our factory for disassembly to remove the fibers. If this is the case, I have attached shipping instructions. 

Can you provide a current appraisal for jewelry or artwork that I have purchased?

Unfortunately, we can’t. Appraisals for items for personal or insurance purposes must be done by an appraiser in your area.

I purchased a Teufel spinner ring and it now needs to be repaired or resized. Where do I send it?

You may send your ring to be repaired directly to Teufel. Please click here for the Teufel contact form to get started. Fill out all your information and in the comment section let them know you will need a repair done.

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